Elite Gourmet EMG-980BSC Electric Round Nonstick Grill Review

Elite Gourmet EMG-980BSC is electric grill with round 14-inch cooking surface and adjustable temperature.

Elite Gourmet EMG-980BSC Electric Round Nonstick Grill

Elite Gourmet EMG-980BSC heats up fast and heat is distributed evenly across the cooking surface. It cooks well, maintains temperature well and the food ends up being very flavorful. Works great for steak, tuna, salmon, chicken, thin crust pizza, veggies and other foods. Can be used for Korean BBQ experience too.

Temperature is adjustable and goes as high as 450°F which is plenty for most situations. Cooking surface has non-stick coating that works very well – usually nothing really sticks to it making it easy to clean. Controls are also very straightforward so this unit is easy to use.

The 14-inch cooking surface is fairly large – you can easily cook for a family of 4 on it.


Quality of the cooking surface is fine but base is made of plastic and does feel a bit flimsy.

Clean up

Base, lid and grease collector are dishwasher safe. They are quite large however so might not fit inside some dishwashers.


Cord could be longer but it’s not too bad.


Elite Gourmet EMG-980BSC offers really good value for money. Even though there are a couple things you might complain about like base feeling cheap it doesn’t really get any better than this at this price point. If you want an electric grill with large cooking surface that works well and is affordable – Elite Gourmet EMG-980BSC is one of the choices.

Elite Gourmet EMG-980BSC Electric Round Nonstick Grill Specifications:

  • Power: 1400W
  • Cooking surface diameter: 14’’ inches
  • Max. Temperature: 450°F

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