CUSIMAX Smokeless Portable Indoor Korean BBQ Grill (Review) CMRG-200

CUSIMAX CMRG-200 is a smokeless portable indoor korean bbq grill with temperature range of 200°F to 450°F. Is is truly smokeless and does it cook as good as a real grill? Keep reading to find out!

Cooking with CUSIMAX Smokeless Portable Indoor Korean BBQ Grill

CUSIMAX smokeless portable indoor grill works really well for foods that are flat/thin like steaks. It works reasonably well for thicker foods like chicken wings too but the results aren’t as great. Cooking surface is fairly large. You can cook for 2-4 people depending on your portion sizes.

So does CUSIMAX CMRG-200 cook as well as a real grill? No, but it still cooks well overall and the results are delicous. The biggest difference is the heat – CUSIMAX CMRG-200 doesn’t get as hot as a real grill however it can still create fairly nice grill marks. You also obviously won’t get that specific flavor you get from cooking with charcoal as this is purely electric unit.

CUSIMAX CMRG-200 is not entirely smoke-free however there’s so little smoke it’s hard to imagine someone would complain. It doesn’t create enough smoke to generate any problems associated with it (smoke) so in that sense you could perhaps call it ‘’smokeless’’ but not entirely ‘’smoke-free’’.

Drip Tray

CUSIMAX smokeless portable indoor grill is equipped with removable drip tray. Grill plate is perforated which allows grease to drop into the drip tray located below the heating tubes.


CUSIMAX smokeless portable indoor Korean BBQ grill comes with a glass lid which allows you to steam vegetables or cook without letting heat and moisture escape.

Clean Up

Clean up for the most part is easy. Glass Lid, perforated grill plate and silver heat reflector are dishwasher safe. On top of that grill plate has nonstick coating so nothing stick to it.

Drip tray according to manual is not dishwasher safe. Instead it should be washed with warm, soapy water. Some consumers have reported having no issues after washing the drip tray in dishwasher but you shouldn’t disobey manufacturer guidelines as they probably wouldn’t specifically mention that this part is not dishwasher safe without a reason.

The base is obviously not dishwasher safe as that’s where all of the electrical parts are located and will be damaged by the water rendering this unit either unusable or even dangerous to turn on.

Control Panel

Control panel of CUSIMAX smokeless portable indoor grill features small display screen that shows temperature as well 4 touch-sensitive buttons: “On/Off”, “Up”, “Down” and “Fan”.

CUSIMAX smokeless portable indoor grill is very simple to use. There are two complaints you can make however:

  1. There is no timer function
  2. Temperature can be adjusted only in 50 degree increments which are pretty large jumps. This can be perceived as a small downside as you cannot fine tune the temperature.


CUSIMAX smokeless portable indoor korean BBQ grill is available in 6 diferent colors + 2 double plate variants:  

Black (CUSIMAX CMRG-200B), Blue (CUSIMAX CMRG-200), Green (CUSIMAX CMRG-200G), Brown (CUSIMAX CMRG-200BR), Yellow (CUSIMAX CMRG-200Y), Black with Double Plates (CUSIMAX CMRG-200B-D) and Blue with Double Plates (CUSIMAX CMRG-200-D).


CUSIMAX smokeless portable indoor Korean BBQ grill measures 19.7 inches in width, 11.8 inches in depth and 5.1 inches in height.

Possible Issues

Even though most consumer feedback about CUSIMAX CMRG-200 is positive some have reported experience various issues. The most common issues from those who complained include handle constantly becoming loose or heavy smoking (with some also mentioning that this was caused by failed fan which might be the culprit in all cases).


Not great but still a pretty good indoor grill. CUSIMAX CMRG-200 cooks fairly well, leaves grill marks and outputs very little to no smoke. The results aren’t quite as good as with a real grill but they are still plenty delicious. Most consumers will certainly like this portable indoor grill.

CUSIMAX CMRG-200B / CMRG-200 / CMRG-200G / CMRG-200BR / CMRG-200Y / CMRG-200B-D / CMRG-200-D Smokeless Portable Indoor Korean BBQ Grill Specifications:

  • Voltage: AC 120V
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • Power: 1500W
  • Temperature range: 200°F to 450°F
  • Temperature settings:
    • 200°F
    • 250°F
    • 300°F
    • 350°F
    • 400°F
    • 450°F
  • Heating: Double-U Tubes
  • Versions:
    • CUSIMAX CMRG-200 (Color: Blue)
    • CUSIMAX CMRG-200B (Color: Black)
    • CUSIMAX CMRG-200G (Color: Green)
    • CUSIMAX CMRG-200BR (Color: Brown)
    • CUSIMAX CMRG-200Y (Color: Yellow)
    • CUSIMAX CMRG-200-D (Color: Blue + Double Plates)
    • CUSIMAX CMRG-200B-D (Color: Black + Double Plates)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 19.7” x 11.8” x 5.1” inches

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