MILIN ML9KT0010 1500W Electric Kettle Review

MILIN ML9KT0010 is a bit of a special electric kettle. Its 1,500 Watt power supply and 1.7 liter (8 cup) capacity are impressive but not extraordinary for its price. No, it’s special for other reason – its features. It has different temperature settings and can keep water warm at desired temperature for 2 hours. Are they just gimmicks and does it compromise on other things considering it costs about as much as other electric kettles without such features?


With 1,500 Watt power supply MILIN ML9KT0010 should be able to bring water to the boiling point in mere minutes and it really does. When filled at maximum line of 1.7 liters which equals 8 cups it takes just 6-7 minutes to make it boil. As most of the time you will likely boil a lot less than that it’s going to boil a lot faster too.

So how does the adjustable temperature feature work? Well you can’t really choose the exact temperature yourself, however MILIN ML9KT0010 has 6 temperature presets from which you can choose:

  • 104°F / 40°C (For drinking directly – warm but not too hot).
  • 158°F / 70°C (Best for milk or delicate teas).
  • 176°F / 80°C (Best for green tea or milk tea).
  • 185°F / 85°C (Best for coffee, green tea or white tea).
  • 203°F / 95°C (Best for black tea or french press coffee).
  • 212°F / 100°C (Best for oolong tea or black tea).

Settings work well and temperatures are accurate or close to it.


Quality varies when it comes to MILIN ML9KT0010 electric kettle. It’s mostly made of quality materials like 304 stainless steel and high borosilicate glass which are food grade materials. The fact that it uses glass instead of some kind of plastic for water container is a huge positive as plastic emits harmful chemicals under heat and can contaminate the water.

What is a bit disappointing are the buttons. They feel a bit cheap and finicky which raises question how well they will hold up after years of use.


Other than previously mentioned 6 temperature settings MILIN ML9KT0010 electric kettle also has features like auto shut-off and anti boil-dry protection, ‘’Keep warm” feature that will keep water inside the kettle at desired temperature for up to 2 hours, cordless design (kettle can be lifted off the power base and taken anywhere you want) and ability to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature scales. Another convenient feature is that lid can be taken off which makes for easy cleaning.

At the bottom of water container there’s a round LED strip that illuminates in blue color when water is warming up or green color when you are using “Keep Warm” feature that keeps water at set temperature.


On the top of the handle you will find LCD display that shows selected temperature setting and 4 buttons – “°F/°C” (press it to switch between temperature scales), “+/-” (press it to go through temperature settings), “Keep Warm” (press it to keep water at set temperature for 2 hours) and “Start” (press it to start warming water to set temperature).


MILIN ML9KT0010 is fascinating and really impressive – who would have thought you would ever use such words to describe a seemingly basic appliance like electric kettle. It’s not quite perfect though, for example buttons could be improved to be feel sturdier and better made, however for the most part it’s really well designed product with unique features that many will find useful.

MILIN ML9KT0010 1500W Electric Kettle Specifications:

  • Voltage/Frequency: AC 120V~60Hz
  • Power: 1500W
  • Capacity: 8 Cups / 1.7L Max
  • Cable Length: 2.53 ft
  • Body materials: 304 Stainless steel & borosilicate glass
  • Dimensions: 9.6” x 8.66” x 6.14” (Height x Bottom Diameter x Top Diameter)
  • Certifications:
    • FCC
    • California proposal 65
    • FDA
    • ISTA
    • PSE/
    • FSL 370
    • UL

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