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Best Electric String Trimmers – 2021 Review (Weed Wackers/Eaters)

Technology has come forward a lot in the recent years and we finally have achieved point where electric battery powered string trimmers (also known as weed wackers or weed eaters) are a better choice than gas powered ones. The best electric cordless string trimmers actually outperform their gas counterparts and offer other advantages over them

Best Electric Chainsaws – 2021 Review (Cordless & Corded)

In the past few years technology has advanced a lot which has finally allowed some of the electric chainsaws, both cordless and corded, become a viable alternative to a gas chainsaw. Admittedly most of the electric chainsaws for sale today are still mediocre but among them you can find a few that are outstanding and performance

Best Gas Snow Blowers – Review (Single & Two-Stage) 2021

A good snow blower isn’t only about how fast and easy it cleans your driveway. Things like value for money and reliability are important too and we have found 5 gas powered snow blowers that are amazing all things considered! #1 PowerSmart PSS2240-X PowerSmart PSS2240-X is one of the best selling gas snow blowers in

Best Electric Snow Blowers Review (Battery/Cordless and Corded) 2021

In the recent years technology has advanced a lot and finally electric snow blowers have become a viable alternative to gas powered ones. Although they still aren’t as powerful as the best gas snow blowers many of them perform well enough to satisfy most consumer needs and have multiple advantages too – they are environmentally friendly,

Keter Novel 90-Gallon Outdoor Patio Storage Deck Box Review

Keter Novel is currently the best selling outdoor deck box in North America. With storage capacity of 90 gallons it’s medium sized patio storage box but it’s also really inexpensive for one which does raise one question – is it any good? Quality Keter Novel is made of polypropylene resin plastic. Panels are thin which

Suncast DB10300 103-Gallon Outdoor Storage Deck Box Review

Suncast DB10300 is an inexpensive deck box that offers a lot of storage capacity – 103 gallons to be precise. Is there a reason why it’s less expensive than other deck boxes of similar storage capacity including ones from Suncast itself? Quality Suncast DB10300 storage box is made of resin plastic. The reason of low

Keter Borneo 97/105/110 Gallon Outdoor Storage Deck Box Review

Keter Borneo is outdoor deck box with 110 gallon storage capacity… That’s at least what it’s sold as yet instructions state storage capacity as 105 gallons. That’s not the end of this. Since interior dimensions are as 45” by 23.4” by 21.3” we can calculate that storage capacity is 22,428.9 cubic inches which equals to

Suncast DB8300 83-gallon Outdoor Storage Deck Box Review

Suncast DB8300 is outdoor deck box with storage capacity of 83 gallons. It’s less expensive than other Suncast storage containers so does it mean it’s also worse? Quality Suncast DB8300 is made of poly resin plastic and yes, it does feel quite flimsy. Can it still work as a storage container reasonably well? Well it

Keter Eden 70 Gallon Outdoor Patio Storage Bench Review

Keter Eden is a bench that also works as a storage box with storage capacity of 70 gallons. It’s rather inexpensive for what it’s so one question does arise – is it any good? Quality Keter Eden storage bench is made of polypropylene plastic. Quality is not great but it’s acceptable. It does feel cheap and

Suncast DB6300 63-Gallon Outdoor Storage Container Review

Suncast DB6300 is a outdoor storage container/deck box with storage capacity of 63 gallons. Should you buy it if you have your eye on it? Quality Suncast DB6300 is made of poly resin plastic. Suncast storage boxes are usually surprisingly sturdy for their price however it’s not really the case with DB6300. It is significantly