Razor Griddle GGC2030M 25 Inch Outdoor 2 Burner Portable LP Propane Gas Grill Griddle (Review)

Razor Griddle GGC2030M is a portable 2-burner propane gas grill with 318 square inch pre-seasoned griddle. It features foldable cart design with two wheels making it mobile as well compact when you need to store it.

Grilling with Razor Griddle GGC2030M 2-Burner Griddle

Razor Griddle GGC2030M heats up fast and is easy to use. With 20,000 BTU/hr output and 318 square inches of cooking area it has heat-flow density of roughly 63 W/m2. What this means is even though it cooks well it doesn’t get super hot which might be a downside if you need high searing heat.

With that being said you will rarely (perhaps never) feel like it’s not hot enough. It certainly does output  enough heat for everything you will want to cook other than those super high temperature situations for extreme searing.

Overall Razor Griddle GGC2030M 2-burner griddle cooks well. It’s one of the rare portable grill that can actually cook for loads of people.


Razor Griddle GGC2030M 2-burner griddle runs on LP propane gas. Straight from factory it’s compatible with 1 lb propane gas tanks but you can also buy a 20lb adapter if you want to use 20 pound tanks.

1lb tank lasts for about an hour of cooking or a bit less if you are running it hot. Some consumers have noticed that it works a bit better with larger 20 pounds tank. Although that’s not neccesarily the case it’s something worth to keep in mind.


Razor Griddle GGC2030M is very portable for its size. It folds easily into a compact package and the cart is also equipped with wheels so you can push it on hard, level surface.

It’s abit heavy though weighing nearly 50 pounds. Not a big issue if the surface allows you to push it but if you have to carry it I hope you like a decent work out.

Other Features

Other features of Razor Griddle GGC2030M 2-burner griddle include front access grease management system with concealed cup, attached lid, side shelf as well push and turn ignition.


When unfolded Razor Griddle GGC2030M 2-burner griddle measures 45.3 inches in width, 20.9 inches in depth and 35.6 inches in height.


Razor Griddle GGC2030M is a fairly affordable and portable LP gas griddle with enough cooking surface to cook for a large amount of people. Even though it’s not perfect it works quite well in most cases and overall value for money is decent too.

Razor Griddle GGC2030M 25 Inch Outdoor 2 Burner Portable LP Propane Gas Grill Griddle Specifications:

  • Type: LP Propane Gas
  • Cooking surface: 318 square inches of pre-seasoned griddle
  • Heat output: 20,000 BTU/hr
  • Burners: 2x stainless steel
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 45.3’’ x 20.9’’ x 35.6’’
  • Weight: 49.6 lb

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