AMZCHEF SK-CB01-1 Portable Induction Burner Cooker/Cooktop Review

AMZCHEF SK-CB01-1 is a portable induction cooktop that’s compatible with magnetic cookware with a diameter of 4.72’’ to 10.23’’ inches. AMZCHEF portable induction cooktop has 8 temperature settings (140°F to 464°F) and 8 power settings (300W to 1800W).

Cooking with AMZCHEF SK-CB01-1 Portable Induction Burner Cooker/Cooktop

The thing about portable induction cooktops is that most of them perform more or less the same. AMZCHEF SK-CB01-1 is no exception – it heats fast (a lot faster than regular stovetop) and cooks well.

The actual heating width is around 6 inches which is less than the maximum diamater of largest cookware this unit is compatible with (up to 10.23 inches). This is quite normal. Even though heating element could be a bit wider it’s far from being narrowest on market and this is something you will experience with most units.

Be aware that this is induction cooktop meaning it will only work with magnetic cookware like cast iron, iron, steel, and enameled iron. If the unit doesn’t detect any cookware (this will also happen when you place one that’s not compatible) it will automatically turn off after 60 seconds.

Control Panel

AMZCHEF portable induction cooktop is equipped with LCD display and touch sensitive buttons: “Lock”, “Timer”, “Down”, “Up”, “Power/Temp” and “On/Off”. Control panel is intuitive making this portable cooktop easy to use.

Clean Up

The surface of portable cooktop is made of black polished crystal glass which is easy to clean.

Size and weight

AMZCHEF SK-CB01-1 weighs just 4.85 pounds and is quite compact as well thin measuring 11 inches in width, 13.8 inches in depth and 1.75 inches in height.

Possible Error Codes

In case something is not as it should be AMZCHEF SK-CB01-1 will display error codes. These are the error codes it can show with explanations:

  • 0: The pot is not placed in the cooking zone.
  • E1: Unit has detected that Voltage is lower than 85V.
  • E2: Unit has detected that Voltage is higher than 85V.
  • E3: Indicates either short circuit or faulty surface sensor.
  • E4: Indicates faulty IGBT sensor or short circuit.
  • E5: Unit has overheated and needs to cool down to prevent damage (it won’t let you cook until it has cooled down).
  • E6: Indicates that IGBT (insulated-gate bipolar transistor) has overheated. Unit will refuse to cook for a while to coold down.
  • Ee: Indicates that control panel wiring is not connected. In such case you should contact the manufacturer.


AMZCHEF SK-CB01-1 works more or less just like other portable induction cooktops. The price is appropriate considering the performance, quality and features.

AMZCHEF SK-CB01-1 Portable Induction Burner Cooker/Cooktop Specifications:

  • Voltage/Frequency: 120V/60Hz
  • Compatible cookware diameter: 4.72’’ to 10.23’’ inches
  • Power settings: 8
    • 300W
    • 500W
    • 800W
    • 1000W
    • 1200W
    • 1400W
    • 1600W
    • 1800W
  • Temperature settings: 8
    • 140°F
    • 212°F
    • 284°F
    • 320°F
    • 356°F
    • 392°F
    • 428°F
    • 464°F
  • Dimensions
    • In inches (W x D x H): 11’’ x 13.8’’ x 1.75’’ inches
    • In centimeters (W x D x H): 28 x 35 x 4.45 cm
  • Weight: 4.85 lb (2.2 kg)

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