Elite Gourmet EAF-3218 1-Quart Air Fryer Review

Elite Gourmet EAF-3218 is a small air fryer with 1-quart capacity that can cook in temperatures ranging from 180°F to 390°F. It’s one of the cheapest and smaller air fryers you can buy so is it any good? Let’s find out!


Elite Gourmet EAF-3218 cooks pretty well. Gives that crunchy texture to food albeit not as much as some of the more advanced air fryers. It’s small in size so it’s only good for cooking for a single person and even then don’t expect big portions.

There are some flaws though, by the way Elite Gourmet EAF-3218 cooks it seems like actual temperature is lower than the one you selected. This is however nothing compared to what some of the other consumers have reported. There are some complaints about food tasting like burnt plastic after cooking. This is not an issue most consumers experience, but still the fact that there are complaints like that are concerning.

Another issue that some complained about is housing of the air fryer getting warm.


Elite Gourmet EAF-3218 is one of the cheapest if not the cheapest air fryer you can buy currently. Partly it’s due to its size as it’s significantly smaller than most air fryers, however it also does feel cheaply made which is no surprise considering the pricing.


Elite Gourmet EAF-3218 is equipped with two mechanical knobs – one for selecting temperature and the other one for selecting cooking time (up to 30 minutes). Very basic but simple to use. It can be however be difficult to dial in precise temperature or cooking time.

There are 4 main time increments: 0, 10, 20 and 30 minutes, however to go from one to the next large increment you go through 6 smaller increments which means smaller increments are about 1 minute and 40 seconds each.

Temperature settings are even more confusing. There are 5 marked increments: 195°F, 250°F, 300°F, 355°F, 390°F. There are two unmarked increments between the each setting. The confusing part here is that increment amount changes with each marked increment. From 195°F to 250°F each increment is about 18.3°F, from 250°F to 300°F each increment is about 16.7°F, from 350°F to 355°F about 18.3°F and from 355°F to 390°F about 15°F.


There are some complaints from consumers about reliability too. Some have reported their unit failing after just few uses, however majority of complaints are about the air fryer failing after about a year of use or slightly less.


Elite Gourmet EAF-3218 1-quart air fryer is available in 3 different colors:

  • Black (Model: EAF-3218)
  • Mint (Model: EAF-3218BL)
  • Red (Model: EAF-3218R)


Elite Gourmet EAF-3218 is a very cheap air fryer so it’s obviously not as good as more advanced models. Some of the consumers complaints are concerning too, but the fact that it actually works somewhat okay is impressive considering its price.

Elite Gourmet EAF-3218 1-Quart Air Fryer Specifications:

  • Voltage: 120V
  • Power: 700W
  • Temperature range: 180°F to 390°F
  • Cooking basket dimensions (W x D): 6.25” x 2.25”
  • Air fryer dimensions (H x W): 8” x 7.75”
  • Colors:
    • Black (Elite Gourmet EAF-3218)
    • Mint (Elite Gourmet EAF-3218BL)
    • Red (Elite Gourmet EAF-3218R)

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