Igloo ICEB26RR Portable Countertop Ice Maker Machine Review

Igloo ICEB26RR portable counter ice maker can produce up to 26 lbs of ice in 24 hours.

Ice production

Igloo ICEB26RR makes 9 cylinder shaped ice cubes with hollow middle every 7-8 minutes. It is capable of making ice cubes in two sizes: small and large, however the “large” ice cubes are still rather small.

Ice quality is decent but not great. They are really chewable but do come out wet.

Ice basket isn’t refrigerated so ice cubes will slowly melt after being made but since they somewhat wet they will likely freeze into clumps if you put them in freezer. It’s not hard to break them apart with an ice pick but it’s inconvenience nonetheless.


Ice basket is removable. Igloo claims that ice basket can hold up to 2 pounds of ice cubes but it really can’t hold that much. Water tank capacity is 3 quarts.

Igloo ICEB26RR has transparent lid so you can see how many ice cubes it has already made without opening the lid.

Control panel

Igloo ICEB26RR control panel features 2 buttons and 4 indicator lights. One of the buttons turns the ice maker on/off and the other is for selecting ice cube size setting.

Two of the indicator lights are warning lights – one for when ice basket is full and the other for when water reservoir is empty. The other two indicators are for showing which ice cube size setting you have chosen, either small or large.


As a budget priced ice maker Igloo ICEB26RR is a decent one however market is saturated with many similar units with similar pricing. Igloo ICEB26RR isn’t in any way special as it’s very similar to most of the other units in features it has, ice production process and ice quality itself. If you are looking for a good ice maker machine you might want to read our Best Portable/Countertop Ice Makers article.

Igloo ICEB26RR Details/Specs:

  • Type: Freestanding / Portable / Countertop
  • Ice output: up to 26 lbs per 24 hours
  • Ice cubes per batch: 9
  • Ice cube size options: 2

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