XtremepowerUS 1600w Ultra Electric Snow Thrower Review (81065)

XtremepowerUS 1600w Ultra Electric is corded electric snow thrower. It’s one of the cheapest snow blowers you can buy today which naturally makes you think it can’t be any good. But it does raise a certain curiosity – what kind of device you can actually buy if you are extreme budgeting.


XtremepowerUS 1600w Ultra Electric has a clearing width of 18 inches and intake height of 10 inches.

So how does it perform? Surprisingly well actually. Of course it doesn’t cut through snow like a proper gas powered snow blower, nowhere near it actually, however it’s not completely useless as some might expect for the price.

It goes through few inches of light snow effortlessly, it’s not really made for deep, wet or heavy clumpy snow. You might still be able to clean snow that’s 8+ inches deep or wet but the keyword here is ‘’it might” as the machine will most likely struggle in such conditions.

Doesn’t throw snow far – only few feet, especially if it’s wet snow then it throws it only like 2 feet away and chute is prone to clogging. Chute itself is adjustable by 180 degrees.


XtremepowerUS 1600w Ultra Electric snow thrower is very lightweight (it weighs just 40 pounds) and although it’s not self propelled it still move by itself most of the time due to auger grabbing into ground and pulling itself forward.

It’s also very simple to maneuver and steer, due to its lightweight it doesn’t require much effort.

If there is one thing to complain about it’s the plastic wheels. Snow tends to get into tread and freeze greatly reducing traction and making it a lot harder to force go forwards. The diameter of wheels is 5 inches by the way if you were wondering.

Another rather small inconvenience is that this is a corded snow blower so keep in mind that cord management has a learning curve. Cord might feel like a huge inconvenience at first but you get used to it.


Obviously this isn’t heavy duty, well built, high quality unit. For the price it cannot be. Not that it’s badly made or anything but it does raise concerns how durable it’s and how long will it last.

Well it seems it depends how lucky you are because the consumer reports in this area are very mixed. It seems like that most doesn’t run into any serious problems, however there is still many complaints about different issues: motor breaking, belt constantly coming off, auger stopping spinning, blades coming off etc.

You might be lucky and not experience any of the previously mentioned issues, then again you might be less lucky. One thing is for sure, this is far from being the most reliable and durable snow blower. Doesn’t necessary mean it won’t last, but the chances of it not lasting for a long time seems to be a lot higher than with some of the more expensive but better made units.


XtremepowerUS 1600w Ultra Electric snow thrower works well for small amount of snow however it does have some flaws the most significant being the many complaints about it breaking and not lasting long. It’s not something you should buy if you regularly get heavy snowfalls but if you live in area where most of the time you only need to clean up to 6-8 inches of snow this thing might do the job. For the pricing it offers great value for money, however since it might not last long it’s not necessary something you should buy even if it seems to meet your requirements.

  • Good
    • Good for light snow
    • Inexpensive
    • Easy to use
  • Bad
    • Possible reliability issues
    • Not for heavy snowfalls

XtremepowerUS 81065 1600w Ultra Electric Snow Thrower Specs:

  • Power: 120v/60hz
  • Amp: 13
  • Clearing width: 18 inches
  • Intake height: 10 inches
  • No-load motor speed: 2,220 RPM
  • Wheel Size: 5″
  • Weight: 40 lbs (assembled unit)
  • Chute: 180º Adjustable Directional
  • Certifications: ETL Listed
  • Approximate dimensions: 23″ x 18″ x 20″ (L x W x H)

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