Worx WG305.1 Electric Chainsaw (8 Amp 14-inch) Review

Worx WG305.1 is crazy cheap electric chainsaw with 8-amp motor and 14-inch bar. Its chain moves 28 feet per second at no load. Just like most other chainsaws WG305.1 has 3/8” chain pitch and 0.050” chain gauge. Can a chainsaw this inexpensive be good for anything?

Cutting performance

If you are looking for a chainsaw to take down trees then this isn’t it, yet if you know how much Worx WG305.1 costs you would be crazy to expect it to be good at that. If by any chance you might occasionally find yourself in a situation where you have to take down a tree Worx WG305.1 can do it but it’s going to take longer than with a more powerful chainsaw and overall be less pleasant experience. For cutting down trees regularly you should get something more powerful.

However Worx WG305.1 is powerful enough for some lighter duty jobs like cutting limbs, branches, shrubs, dead pines, saplings etc. For those kind of jobs less power compared to more expensive chainsaws isn’t that noticeable.

So is it powerful enough? It depends on what you cut! Is performance adequate for the price? Worx WG305.1 is so cheap that it’s hard to complain since it can do some jobs reasonably well, however Oregon CS1500 electric chainsaw that cuts heaps better isn’t much more expensive especially when you factor in the price of cord.


Worx WG305.1 is a cord powered chainsaw and you need one with appropriate gauge rating (the lower the number the better) otherwise you will probably burn out the motor. Cord that’s up to 25 feet long should have AWG (gauge) rating of 18 (or smaller number), cord longer than 25 feet but no more than 100 feet – 16 AWG and cord longer than 100 feet but no more than 150 feet – 12 AWG.

Worx WG305.1 doesn’t come with a cord so if you don’t have one with appropriate gauge rating you will need to purchase it to use the chainsaw.


Worx WG305.1 doesn’t have many features, it doesn’t even have chain brake lever. However it does have automatic chain lubrication, transparent oil tank (4.06 oz capacity) and tool-less chain tensioning.


Worx WG305.1 does have 2 somewhat significant flaws. First is that it doesn’t hold chain tension well and you have to readjust all the time. Readjusting is simple and quick due to tool-less chain tensioning system but it’s still very annoying because you have to do it so often.

Other issue is that it leaks oil.

Considering that this chainsaw is very inexpensive some might be contempt to overlook those flaws but for others they will be a deal-breaker.

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Easy of use

Worx WG305.1 weighs just 6.6 lbs. It’s easy to use and handle. It’s actually veeery comfortable to use, one of the most comfortable chainsaws you can buy, which is its strongest point besides price. That’s if you are not left handed because it’s designed to be held in right hand while left holds front handle.


Worx WG305.1 is nowhere near from being among best electric chainsaws however at the price it retails you really wouldn’t expect it to. If you need to cut some shrubs, pines limbs, branches few times a year spending a lot of money on expensive chainsaw probably doesn’t make sense so in that case Worx WG305.1 wouldn’t be a bad option to consider despite some of the deficiencies. On the other hand there are other corded chainsaws that are just a bit more expensive yet significantly more powerful, have more features and are better made.

At the of the day it’s up to you to decide which chainsaw makes most sense to you after considering all factors including price, performance, features and quality. If you need a chainsaw for light duty jobs and you can live with deficiencies of WG305.1 it might make sense to buy it instead of spending more money for a better unit. Perhaps this review has been a bit too harsh on WG305.1, it’s not a bad chainsaw once you understand its purpose.

Worx WG305.1 Details/Specs:

  • Voltage: 120V~60Hz
  • Amps: 8 Amp
  • Bar length: 14“
  • Chain speed: 28ft/s (no-load)
  • Oil tank capacity: 4.06 ounces
  • Chain pitch: 3/8″
  • Number of chain links: 52
  • Chain gauge: 0.050″
  • Weight (with chain & bar): 6.6 lbs

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