WORX WG170 GT Revolution 20V 12″ – Review

WORX WG170 GT Revolution is among most popular electric string trimmers on sale today, but does it really deserve it’s popularity?


WORX WG170 has cutting swath of 12 inches and uses 0.065″ line. So is it as powerful as gas powered ones? No, it isn’t.

However that doesn’t mean it performs bad. It has plenty of power to cut grass and although it might struggle at times with serious overgrowths it has enough power to satisfy most consumers.

It’s not underpowered like many other electric string trimmers and whether it will satisfy you depends on your needs. It’s not a unit to be used for commercial purposes for sure but for your average backyard it should be good enough in most cases.


There are multiple different kits of WORX WG170 sold including different type of batteries but the most popular kit come with two 20V 2.0Ah batteries.

Each 20V 2.0Ah battery lasts about 20-25 minutes on full charge, so with two of them you should expect battery life of 40-50 minutes in total.

It will take hours to charge them with standard charger, however you can also purchase Worx WA3835 25-min quick charger which will charge your 2.0Ah battery, you guess it, in 25 minutes. That means that with the quick charger you can get a full charge on an empty battery it takes to deplete the other one so you never really run out of juice!


Ergonomics is probably WORX WG170’s strongest aspect. First of all it’s very light – with the 2.0Ah battery it weighs just 5.5 lbs or 2.5 kg. That’s less than most other cordless string trimmers and makes it 2-3 times lighter than gas powered weed wackers. Less weight means less muscle fatigue and trust me – holding a ~10 pound unit in your hand for 30 minutes is exponentially harder than a unit that weighs around 5.

Another big advantage of WORX WG170 is that’s very adjustable. Shaft length is adjustable, head tilts 90 degrees, auxiliary handle can be adjusted in 7 different positions, adding/removing wheels etc. – all of those things are easy to adjust.

Overall it’s very well balanced making it comfortable to use.


WORX WG170 GT Revolution is a straight shaft weed wacker.

It has CommandFeed system meaning you can feed string with a push of a button which can be conveniently reached with your thumb. However everytime you push the button it stop the motor which is a bit annoying. On top of that it feeds 1/4 inch of string every time you stop/start the motor anyway so you might never need for actually press the button.

WORX WG170 GT Revolution 20V 12″ grass trimmer can be easily transformed into edger and mini-mower. It works great as an edger, less great as mini-mower but you still might find this function useful.

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Overall WORX WG170 is a pretty good string trimmer. It’s not however among the most powerful ones and might be a bit underpowered for some however it’s very comfortable to use, offers a lot of functionality and great value for money. Depending on your needs it might or might not be a great choice – after reading this article it’s up to you to decide if it meets your requirements.

WORX WG170 GT Revolution 20V 12″ String Trimmer Specs:

  • Type: Electric (battery powered)
  • No-load speed: 7,600 RPM
  • Cutting Swath: 12”
  • Line diameter: 0.065”
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs
  • Shaft type: Straight/Telescoping
  • Package contents:
    • 1 x WORX WG170 20V 12″ GT Revolution 3-in-1 Trimmer
    • 2 x 20V 2.0Ah Power Share Batteries
    • 1 x 20V Battery Charger
    • 1 x Support Wheels
    • 3 x Trimmer Spools
    • 1 x Spool Holder

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