WEN 40417 40V 16-Inch Brushless Electric Chainsaw Review

WEN 40417 40V is an inexpensive battery powered chainsaw with 16-inch Oregon bar and chain. It’s powered by brushless motor that can do up to 8,200 RPM and allows chain to move at up to 49 feet per second at no load.

Cutting performance

For the money cutting performance of WEN 40417 40V is very good – it cuts better than other similarly priced battery powered chainsaw. It is good for light duty jobs, like cutting most of the wood (even hardwoods) that are up to 8 inches in diameter including taking down trees or cutting limbs, trees, limbs, branches, saplings, logs, planks, shrubs, etc.

If you regularly cut anything that’s over 8 inches in diameter you probably should look for a chainsaw that cuts better. If you come across 8-12 inch stuff occasionally then WEN 40417 40V will likely suffice but the cutting speed start to become quite significant compared to better cutting chainsaws.

It might handle 12+ inch stuff too but the difference compared to better chainsaws becomes even more pronounced.

So for lighter duty jobs WEN 40417 40V performs well enough, it can handle some heavier jobs if necessary too but if you find yourself cutting woods that are thicker than 8 inches regularly then you need something more serious.


WEN 40417 comes with 4 Amp battery. Battery life is good but it’s hard to give you any specific figures of how long it will last on full charge since it heavily depends on what and how you cut.

Battery it comes with is compatible with other WEN 40-Volt tools.


WEN 40417 40V isn’t feature rich which is to be expected for budget priced electric chainsaw but it does have some vital and nice features like chain brake, aatomatic oil and bar oiling and even tool-less chain tensioning system.

Oil doesn’t seem to leak which is a very common problem with electric chainsaws.

Ease of use

WEN 40417 40V is well balanced and weighs 12 pounds including the battery – it’s easy to handle and use.

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Although WEN 40417 40V is quieter that gas chainsaws it’s kinda loud for electric one. If you have owned electric chainsaws in past WEN 40417 40V might be a bit louder than you expect.


It will be hard to find a battery powered chainsaw that cuts better than WEN 40417 40V at similar pricing. However as expected for a budget priced item it’s not adequate for all jobs, it does however handle lighter ones pretty well.

WEN 40417 40V 16-Inch Chainsaw Details/Specifications:

  • Power supply:
    • Type: Electric (battery powered)
    • Motor: Brushless (40V)
    • Max. RPM: 8,200
    • Max. Chain speed: Up to 49 ft/s
    • Battery: 40-Volt 4Ah lithium-ion (Model: 40404)
    • Charger model: 40400
  • Guide bar and chain:
    • Bar length: 16”
    • Chain: Oregon 91PJ056X
    • Chain Pitch: 3/8″
    • Chain Gauge: 0.050″ / 1.3mm (0.050″)
    • Guide bar: Oregon: 160SDEA041
  • Other:
    • Chainsaw model number: 40417
    • Weight (with battery): 12 lbs

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