WEN 4017 16″ Electric Corded Chainsaw Review

WEN 4017 is inexpensive cord powered chainsaw with 16-inch bar and chain. It has 12-amp motor that output 2.2 Nm of torque. WEN 4017 is so cheap that it does raise one question – is it any good?

Cutting performance

WEN 4017 can move its chain at 44 feet per second at no-load which is very very impressive for a chainsaw this cheap. That alone doesn’t mean it will cut well, but chain speed is one of the things that affect cutting performance nonetheless.

Overall it cuts pretty well for the money. As expected it can’t compete with a proper STIHL of Husqvarna chainsaw but for lights duty jobs performance is plenty good. Think of taking down up to 8” trees of cutting branches or logs of similar diameter. Works good enough for light duty limbing as well.

This is a light duty chainsaw so it’s not the one you would use for heavier jobs but considering the price it’s unlikely it will disappoint you as long as you don’t cut stuff that’s over 8 inches thick. It can handle thicker stuff too but then the lack of power can start to become bothersome but pretty much any wood that’s up to 8 inches this thing will cut through very well.

Trigger is not variable meaning it simply works as on/off switch.


Build quality isn’t terrible but you can tell this chainsaw is cheap. It’s mostly made of plastic and doesn’t feel that sturdy although it should last if you don’t abuse it.


Despite being inexpensive WEN 4017 features like auto-oiling system (however it can clog at times so keep your eye on it), tool-less chain tensioning system.

It doesn’t have chain brake though.


Ergonomics are pretty good. WEN 4017 is light (it weighs just 10 lbs) and pretty well balanced too.

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WEN 4017 doesn’t come with cord but you will need one to use it. It’s very important you use one with appropriate gauge (AWG) rating (the lower the rating the better).

  • 0 to 50 feet long cord should have AWG rating of no worse than 16.
  • 50+ to 100 feet long cord should have AWG rating of no worse than 14.
  • 100+ to 150 feet long cord should have AWG rating of no worse than 12.
  • You shouldn’t use cord that’s longer than 150 feet no matter the AWG rating.


Considering the price WEN 4017 is exceptional for light duty jobs. It’s not something that will replace a proper has chainsaw but it definitely has its place in this world.

WEN 4017 Specifications:

  • Type: Electric (Corded)
  • Guide bar Length: 16 inches
  • Motor: 12-Amp
  • Torque: 2.2 Nm
  • No-load chain speed: 44 ft/s (13.4 m/s)
  • Chain pitch: 3/8″
  • Number of drive links: 56
  • Weight: 10 lbs / 4.5 kg

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