Weber Original Kettle Premium 26-Inch Charcoal Grill Review

Is Weber Original Kettle Premium 26-Inch charcoal grill worth the premium over 22-inch model? And is it a good grill? Let’s find out!

Weber Original Kettle Premium 26-Inch charcoal grill

Weber Original Kettle Premium 26-Inch charcoal grill feels so much larger than the 22-inch model and it makes sense when you look at the specs. The 26-inch model has cooking area of 508 square inches which is 145 square inches more than the 22 inch model which has a total cooking area of 363 square inches.

This additional cooking space makes 2 zone cooking, smoking meats and using snake method a lot easier and convenient. It also obviously allows you to cook for more people at the same time.

Weber Original Kettle Premium 26-Inch charcoal grill holds temperature really well even in colder temperatures. Temperatures are really consistent and can be adjusted by regulating how much you open the vents.

But does that necessarily make the 26-inch model better? Mostly yes, but not for everyone. Not everyone will find the use for the extra space (even though most will). 22-inch model also (currently) has more accessories available which might be the selling point for you.

The main point is that 26-inch model is large and cooks well. If you know what are you doing results will be delicious.


Overall quality isn’t bad but it could be better at this price. Firebowl itself is well made but legs could be sturdier, the 26-inch model feels a bit wobblier than the 22-inch model. You can easily reinforce them if it really turns out to be a problem but that’s not an excuse for them not to be as sturdy from factory as you would.

Grill gate is heavy duty however charcoal bins could be thicker so it’s hard to predict how well they will hold on over the years but they might be just fine.


Assembly is pretty simple. Maybe assembling legs is slightly more difficult than usual but it won’t really be a problem for anyone.


Replacement parts for this model can be easily ordered online (you might find them retail too) so if you manage to break or lose something you won’t need to buy a whole new grill.


Despite some of the flaws Weber Original Kettle Premium 26-Inch is a really good charcoal grill overall. If you think you might find the 22-inch model a bit too small then it’s certainly worth the money.

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