VIVOHOME VH291-RE 6-Quart 650W Stand Mixer Review

VIVOHOME VH291-RE stand mixer is equipped with 650 watt motor and 6 quart mixing bowl. Being a more affordable model is it any good?


VIVOHOME VH291-RE has 6 speed settings and pulse mode. The slowest speed setting is faster than you would like for slow and steady mixing but this is not an important flaw.

What matters the most is how well it mixes and the answer is not as good as a KitchenAid. First, the motor can struggle with stiffer doughs but it’s powerful enough most of the time. Another flaw is that it doesn’t mix the bottom of the bowl well requiring you to scrape to get everything mixed thoroughly. Sometimes same issue applies to sides of the bowl too.

It’s also a bit loud (at least compared to some of the more expensive stand mixers).

For a budget priced stand mixer VIVOHOME VH291-RE works well enough but don’t expect it to perform like a KitchenAid. It gets the job done but often with some help from you.


Stand mixer itself is made of plastic however the biggest difference in quality compared to KitchenAid models comes to attachments and bowl. Attachments are cheaply made and feel a bit fragile, the bowl is made of stainless steel but the metal is very thin.


VIVOHOME VH291-RE comes with dough hook, wire whisk and mixing beater attachments. It also comes with splash guard.


VIVOHOME VH291-RE has suction cups that keep it stay put during mixing jobs. They work really well!


VIVOHOME VH291-RE is nowhere near as good as a KitchenAid Professional 600 Series stand mixer but it’s a lot more affordable and handles most jobs reasonably well with some guidance. With that being said the KitchenAid is a lot better made and might last so much longer it actually is cheaper in the long run.

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