Topwit 2.0L Electric Kettle Review

Topwit electric kettle is equipped with 1000 watt power supply and can hold up to 2.0 liters of water which is significantly more than majority of other electric kettles.


Topwit electric kettle brings water to boil within few minutes which is surprisingly fast since it has larger capacity yet less powerful heating element than your typical electric kettle. Sure, more powerful models do heat up water a bit faster but the difference isn’t as large as you might expect.

Instructions does recommend you to do two boiling cycles before using the kettle but after this the water tastes and smells pure. The water does touch some small plastic parts but you can’t expect it not to at this price point.


Topwit electric kettle is mostly made of food-grade borosilicate glass and 304 stainless steel making it feel more expensive than it’s. It isn’t as well made as premium electric kettles but for the money the quality seems to be good.

With that being said there are some consumers who have complained their unit lasted less than a year before breaking. It’s hard to estimate how common this is but perhaps long-term reliability is not this models strongest asset.


Like most modern units Topwit electric kettle has auto shut off and boil dry protection. When the water is being heated the bottom of the glass pot is beautifully illuminated by blue lights.


The opening is pretty wide making Topwit electric kettle easy to clean.


Topwit electric kettle is nothing exceptional but it works just fine. It is very affordable and holds more water than most other electric kettles. With that being said some consumers have complained about long-term reliability which might be a possible issue if you buy this model.

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