ToolGuards Car Top Carrier Roof Bag (Review)

ToolGuards Roof Bag offers 15 cubic feet of storage space. Might not sound a lot but it’s actually very roomy.


ToolGuards Car Top Carrier is made of coated tarpaulin – material is thick and feels sturdy. Zippers are fabric-guarded and coated. Overall this roof bag feels pretty sturdy and well made – it should last for a while

Despite that some consumers have complained about it tearing apart after using it for few hundred or thousand miles. However such complaints are uncommon so it’s hard to say what really happened there – did they get a bad batch? Did they do something wrong that made it tear apart? It’s hard to guess.


Doesn’t require roof rack to install but can be also installed on side rails, cross rails or roof basket. Installation itself isn’t too hard and takes about 5 minutes (you can actually do it even faster when you get known to the process).

Once installed bag sits pretty tight on the roof but because of the system it uses it’s recommended to check how tightly strapped it’s during stops. It probably won’t require any adjustments but better safe than sorry.


Heavy rain doesn’t get inside the ToolGuards rooftop cargo bag however a bit of moisture does at times.


ToolGuards Car Top Carrier comes with a protective mat to protect your cars roof.


Overall pretty decent rooftop cargo bag but it’s not perfect.

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