TIBEK HY-1421 Electric Burr Coffee Grinder Review

TIBEK HY-1421 is a budget priced metallic flat burr coffee grinder. It features 18 different grind settings and can grind 2 to 12 cups worth of beans at at time.


TIBEK HY-1421 grinds coffee beans well considering it’s one of the least expensive burr grinders you can buy. Obviously it cannot compete with other burr grinders that cost hundreds of dollars but it’s a good alternative to a regular blade grinder.

Consistency (how even is grind) is not perfect but it’s decent. TIBEK HY-1421 does coarse and medium grinds well however it doesn’t grind fine enough for optimal espresso.

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Controls of TIBEK HY-1421 are very simple. You get two dials, one on the right side for selecting grind fineness and another one on the front of burr grinder for selecting amount of cups to be grinded. Once you have chosen the desired settings press the start button located on “cups” dial to begin grinding.


Static cling is an issue with TIBEK HY-1421 as ground coffee tends to stick to ground bin. It can also get messy sometimes as small amounts of grounds coffee misses ground bin and gets thrown on the countertop.


TIBEK HY-1421 is a mediocre burr grinder but that’s expected when it’s so cheap. If you want a truly excellent unit you will likely have to spend $500 and if you are reading this review it’s probably not a viable option for you.

If you are debating whether to buy blade grinder or TIBEK HY-1421 burr grinder, get the TIBEK. On the other hand there are better burr grinders for around $100 and $200 so if you are willing to spend a bit more you should. For the money TIBEK is a decent burr grinder which doesn’t mean much since it’s also one of the least expensive ones.

TIBEK HY-1421 Electric Burr Coffee Grinder Specifications:

  • Grinding settings: 18
  • Quantity settings: 2 to 12 cups
  • Burr type: Flat

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