Thule Vector Alpine Cargo Box Review

Thule produces arguably best cargo boxes and with Vector being the most advanced model the company offers it’s more than likely the best cargo box you can purchase. But how good is the best really?


Although Thule Vector Alpine is quite expensive it actually isn’t the roomiest storage box as it only offers 13 cubic feet of storage space. It’s still enough for most so it’s not a big deal unless you are the minority that needs more. To give you perspective the average trunk space of sedan is around 15 cubic feet – just slightly more than capacity of Vector Alpine, however because of its shape many items that won’t fit in trunk will fit in cargo box (like skis or snowboards).

It has maximum load capacity of 165 pounds. More than most cargo boxes but it’s the same as Thule less expensive model Force XT.

Thule Vector opens from both sides which is expected of cargo carrier of this price tag.


Thule Vector cargo box is made of ABS plastic and has reinforced lid. It’s well made, sturdy and more solid than less expensive Thule products.

Noise and fuel economy

Because of low profile and aerodynamic shape Thule Vector Alpine has smaller effect on your mileage and the noise it creates than other hard-shell carriers or rooftop bags.


Next to the lock there is red indicator that disappears once the box is properly closed so it’s unlikely you will forget to latch it properly. Also you can’t remove the key unless the box is locked so neither will you forget to lock it.


Installation doesn’t require any assembly, is simple as it gets and doesn’t take more than couple minutes to complete:

  • Untighten the clamps (by twisting counterclockwise).
  • Place Thule Vector Alpine cargo box on the rooftop of your car.
  • Slide/Adjust hooks to fit on crossbars.
  • Make sure box is centered and straight.
  • Tighten the knobs to secure the box. Knobs have integrated torque indicators so they will “click” when you have tightened them enough.


I won’t repeat previously mentioned features but Thule Vector Alpine has motion activated LED light inside the box which I have not seen in any other cargo carrier. They work great and are very useful in dark time.

The LED light is powered by AAA battery (comes with Energizer L92 1.5VDC) that’s easy to replace if it runs out of juice but it should last for a long time since it’s motion activated and lights up only when you open the lid.

LED light is also removable which could come handy in some situations.

Thule Vector Alpine also comes with lid cover to protect the box from scratches and dust when stored.

Dimensions and weight

Thule Vector Alpine weighs 65.9 pounds and measures 91 inches long, 35 inches wide and 12.5 inches high.


In 2020 Thule Vector won German Design Award for excellent product design.

Judges described Thule Vector as stylish, sporty and sophisticated making it a perfect interplay of aesthetics and functionality within an athletic, elegant whole. According to them it’s a cargo box like no other.


Thule Vector is the best cargo box you can buy but it’s expensive. Is it worth the money? For some it’s. It’s undeniably better in multiple categories compared to other models yet less expensive Force XT will be good enough for most. But if you want the best or advantages of Thule Vector over other models justify higher price tag then it could be what you are looking for.

Thule Vector Alpine Cargo Box Specs/Details:

  • Storage capacity: 13 cu ft
  • Load capacity: 165 lb
  • Height off crossbar: 12.5 in
  • Model number: 613201
  • Locking system: SlideLock
  • Skis load capacity skis (pairs): 4-6
  • Snowboard load capacity (snowboards): 3-5
  • Max length of skis: 200 cm
  • Color: Black Metallic
  • External dimensions: 91” x 35” x 12.5” (L x W x H)
  • Internal dimensions: 80.5” x 25.2” x 11” (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 65.9 lbs

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