Thule Force XT L/XL/XXL Rooftop Cargo Box Review

If you know something about rooftop cargo boxes you probably have heard about Thule – it’s on of the most reputable companies that makes rooftop cargo boxes and other types of equipment. Naturally expectations for Thule Force XT XL rooftop cargo box are set high – so does it stand up to them?


Thule Force XT XL rooftop cargo box provides you with extra 18 cubic feet of storage space and can carry up to 165 pounds of luggage. It is very spacious – there are bigger versions available of this model but this one provides enough storage space needed for most consumers.

Inside the cargo box you will find 6 sturdy metal tie down points that allows you secure loose belongings and keep them in place with 3 cam buckled nylon straps that are included.


Installation is very simple, takes only few minutes to complete and doesn’t require any tools. Mounting system (PowerClick) is genius: clamps that secure cargo box to the crossbar have integrated torque indicator that clicks when you have tightened them enough – so you will never have to second guess whether you tightened them enough or worry about overtightening.

This system also works very good too – box is attached really securely and there is absolutely 0 doubt it will stay there.


Doesn’t feel as sturdy as you might expect considering the price – it’s not fragile or anything like that, in fact it’s plenty sturdy but considering it’s not exactly cheap the shell could be thicker and stronger.

Thule Force XT XL is definitely strong enough for the purpose it’s made for and this is a really minor complaint but for the price you might expect a unit that feels really robust.

Under the cargo box you will find metal reinforcements which makes the whole unit a lot more rigid and solid.

If there is something you can actually complain about it’s the key latch which is also made from plastic. It feels very cheap and unlocking/locking feels a bit finicky.


Thule Force XT can be opened from both sides and doesn’t block trunk from opening. It also has narrow design which will allow you to mount bikes, skis or other stuff alongside the box.


On the first glance it seems it might not be waterproof but despite that it seems to stay dry during heavy rain.

That being said no matter how waterproof something is there is always, even if the slimmest chance (like 1 in 10,000), but still nonetheless a chance for water to get inside for one reason or another. In regard of Thule Force XT such a chance really does seem to be minuscule – less than other cargo boxes.

Mileage and noise

It seems to be very aerodynamic because it doesn’t decrease mileage or create as much noise as most other rooftop cargo boxes and bags.

Dimensions and weight

Thule Force XT XL weighs 47 pounds. On the outside it’s 82.75” long, 33.75” wide and 17.25” tall, on inside – 77.5” long, 29.5” wide and 15.25” high.


If you are looking for a hard-shell rooftop cargo box then Thule Force XT is a great choice. It has some minor flaws but overall it’s a really good unit.

Other Thule Force XT versions

Other variations of Thule Force XT are pretty much the same with only significant differences being storage capacity, weight and dimensions:

  • Thule Force XT XLL (XX-Large)
    • Storage capacity: 22 cu. ft.
    • Weight: 52 lbs
    • External dimensions: 90.5″ x 35.5″ x 18.5″
    • Internal dimensions: 85.5″ x 31″ x 16.75″
    • Model: 635901 Force XT XX-Large / XXL
    • Check Price

  • Thule Force XT XL (X-Large)
    • Storage capacity: 18 cu. ft.
    • Weight: 47 lbs
    • External dimensions: 82.75″ x 33.75″ x 17.25″
    • Internal dimensions: 77.5″ x 29.5″ x 15.25″
    • Model: 635801 Force XT X-Large / XL
    • Check Price

  • Thule Force XT Sport
    • Storage capacity: 11 cu. ft.
    • Weight: 32 lbs
    • External dimensions: 74.75″ x 24.75″ x 16.75″
    • Internal dimensions: 70.5″ x 20.5″ x 14.75″
    • Model: 635601 Force XT Sport

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