Taylor Swoden 1600W Electric Indoor 10-in-1 Panini Press Sandwich Maker Grill Review

Taylor Swoden 300000YAH is a 10-in-1 two-plate panini press/grill with 1600 watt power supply and 200 square inches of cooking area. It has temperature range 175°F to 450°F and 7 cooking functions: Upper broil, lower grill, both, defrost, barbecue, reheat and sear.

Taylor Swoden 1600W Electric Indoor 10-in-1 Panini Press Sandwich Maker Grill

Taylor Swoden 300000YAH works pretty well overall. It does take a little bit for it to warm up but it cooks fast. There are also so many different cooking functions and settings so there’s some learning curve you have to get over to learn what works best depending on what you cook.

Overall Taylor Swoden 300000YAH cooks well – paninis, eggs, steaks, burgers and other meals come out tasting great. With a little bit of practice and learning how this unit works you will be able to achieve very delicious results.

The grill plates are reversible (straight grill on one side and ridged on other). The maximum temperature this unit can achieve is 450°F – some indoor grills can get a bit hotter so they might work better for searing but Taylor Swoden performs quite well overall.

Grease Tray

Grease tray locks securely however since the grill plates sit flat and grooves are not very deep grease doesn’t flow into the tray as well as you would like. This can cause the grease to splatter when you open the lid creating a mess.

Grease tray is easily removable.

Control panel

Control panel of Taylor Swoden electric indoor panini press features LED display, indicator light and 9 buttons: “Upper broil”, “Lower Grill”, “Both” (upper & lower plates), “Menu” (cycles through 4 cooking functions: defrost, barbecue, reheat and sear) , “Increase Temperature” , “Decrease Temperature”, “Increase time”, “Decrease time” and “Start/Cancel”.

Temperature can be adjusted in 5 degree increments (which is nice as some units do it in 10 degree increments which sometimes is too large of a step) and time in 30 second increments.

Indicator light can illuminate in 4 colors: Blue (preheating), Green (grill has heated up to selected temperature), Orange (operation has begun), Red (Cooking has finished).

Clean up

Grill plates are easily removable and have PFOA-free & BPA-free nonstick. They are also dishwasher safe so clean up is fairly simple job. Even if you clean them by hand it still doesn’t require much effort thanks to the effective nonstick coating.


Swoden electric indoor panini press grill measures 14 inches in width, 13.5 inches in depth and 6.5 inches in height (with lid closed).


Taylor Swoden electric indoor panini press grill is equipped with large cool-touch handle that elevates quite high above the lid greatly reducing risk of you accidentally touching hot parts and burning yourself.


Taylor Swoden 300000YAH is a fairly versatile panini press grill that cooks and work well. It’s not the most affordable unit however the price is adequate considering the functionality. The only gripes about this model are that it could redirect grease to grease tray better and having a slightly higher maximum temperature could be useful in some situations too but this is really nitpicking as it performs well overall.

Taylor Swoden 1600W Electric Indoor 10-in-1 Panini Press Sandwich Maker Grill Specifications:

  • Power: 1600W
  • Cooking area: 200 square inches
  • Temperature range: 175°F to 450°F
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 14’’ x 13.5’’ x 6.5’’ inches (with lid closed)

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