Sunmaki FS-IC316 Induction Cooktop Review

Sunmaki FS-IC316 is induction cooktop with adjustable power supply and temperature. It’s compatible with magnetic cookware that is 4.7” to 8.7” inches (12 to 22 centimeters) in diameter.

Sunmaki FS-IC316 Induction Cooktop

Sunmaki FS-IC316 works just like most induction cooktops – it cooks fast and evenly. It brings pot of room temperature water to boil in under 5 minutes which is much faster than conventional cooktop. There aren’t any significant differences when compared to most other induction cooktops (other than the fact that some have lower power supply and subsequently take longer to cook with).

There are 10 different temperature settings (from 140°F to 464°F) and 9 power levels (from 200W to 1800W).

Some consumers prefer to have option to manually select temperature instead of having to choose from already predetermined presets but to be fair this is how most cooktops work as well so it’s not something we should complain about (and selecting presets is much faster than adjusting temperature in 1 or 5 degree increments yourself).

Adjustable power levels can be very useful if you are using this cooktop in RV, truck or other places where you can’t or don’t want to draw a lot of power. On lower wattage it will take longer to cook but overall energy consumption will be lower.

Be aware that since Sunmaki FS-IC316 is induction cooktop it only works with cookware that has magnetic bottom like cast iron, iron, steel, and enameled iron cookware.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Induction Cooktop

The main advantages of induction cooktops are the fact that they heat up significantly faster and are more energy efficient than conventional stoves/cooktops.

The main disadvantage is pretty obvious one – it doesn’t work with any type of cookware, only those that have magnetic bottom as they heat the cookware by electromagnetic induction.


Sunmaki FS-IC316 induction cooktop has timer feature (you can Timer for up to 3 hours. Press ‘’-’’ and ‘’+’’ buttons to adjust time in 1 minute increments or do long presses to adjust in 10 degree increments).

There’s also child safety lock feature so you can lock control panel so no one tinkers around the settings.


Sunmaki FS-IC316 is not the nosiest induction cooktop out there but it’s not exactly quiet either. The fan does make some noise and it keeps running for a while after you finish cooking to cool down everything.


Sunmaki FS-IC316 induction cooktop works just fine. To be fair most portable induction cooktops are very similar and it’s the same story in this case too as Sunmaki FS-IC316 doesn’t differ from competition in any significant ways.

Sunmaki FS-IC316 Induction Cooktop Specifications:

  • Voltage/Frequency: AC 120V/60Hz
  • Max current: 15A
  • Minimum cookware diameter: 4.7’’ inches (12 centimeters)
  • Maximum cookware diameter: 8.7’’ inches (22 centimeters)
  • Temperature range: 140°F to 464°F
  • Power Supply Range: 200W to 1800W
  • Material: Ceramic Glass Top
  • Temperature Settings: 10
    • 140°F
    • 176°F
    • 212°F
    • 248°F
    • 284°F
    • 320°F
    • 356°F
    • 392°F
    • 428°F
    • 464°F
  • Power settings: 9
    • 200W
    • 400W
    • 600W
    • 800W
    • 1000W
    • 1200W
    • 1400W
    • 1600W
    • 1800W
  • Dimensions
    • In inches (W x D x H): 10.6” x 13.7” x 2.28”
    • In centimeters (W x D x H): 27 x 35 x 5.8 cm

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