Suncast Elements BMOC4100 40″ Wide 97-Gallon Cabinet Review

Suncast Elements BMOC4100 40-inch wide outdoor storage cabinet has 97 gallons of storage capacity. It’s a popular product for those who needs a place outside to store cushions, grill supplies, gardening tools or other belongings.

So despite the popularity is this really the storage cabinet you should buy?


Suncast Elements BMOC4100 40-inch wide cabinet is made of double-wall water-resistant poly resin construction. Overall quality seems to be good at first glance however they are some problems you might encounter.

One of them is quality control – not all units are made exactly alike. Sometimes there can be microscopic variations in the size of parts. Not enough to notice with naked eye buy enough that it can affect door mechanism – if they are made just slightly larger than intended they are a bit difficult to open and the opposite is true too – if they are slightly smaller then door doesn’t “lock” in place and wind can swing them. Sometimes some parts don’t align perfectly too. This is not an issue with all units but it’s somewhat common.

Another quality issue is that these cabinets, specifically the top part is known to sometimes wrap over time. Not necessarily something that will happen with your cabinet but common enough to be at least a bit concerning.

Even with these possible issues the overall consumer feedback is very positive with relatively few unsatisfied consumers so perhaps they aren’t too common.


Suncast Elements BMOC4100 has adjustable shelf which is designed to hold up to 75 pounds (34 kg).


Suncast Elements 40-inch wide cabinet isn’t 100% waterproof but it’s quite water resistant. In some cases water can get inside but most of the time it won’t unless the bottom of the cabinet is submerged in water.

Top is slightly curved to drain water off the top but not so much that items would fall off.


Suncast Elements 40-inch wide cabinet looks pretty good. The color is very beautiful and it has decorative wicker pattern however no one will mistake it for a real wicker.


Suncast Elements BMOC4100 is very easy to assemble and whole process shouldn’t take longer than 10-20 minutes.


Suncast Elements BMOC4100 is very lightweight so if’s empty wind can push it around. You should probably put something that’s a bit heavier on the bottom shelf to keep it stay put.


Suncast Elements BMOC4100 cabinet leaves mixed impressions. For the most part it’s a really well designed storage cabinet that’s also pretty however possible quality control issues and warping are concerning even though most consumer feedback is very positive.

Suncast Elements BMOC4100 40″ Wide 97-Gallon Outdoor Storage Deck Cabinet Details/Specs:

  • Material: Polypropylene resin
  • Storage capacity: 97 gallons / 13 cu. ft. / 367 liters
  • Max load: 75 lbs per shelf
  • Outside dimensions (at widest points): 42.125″ x 23″ x 35.25″ (W x D x H)

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