Suncast DB7500 73-Gallon Outdoor Storage Deck Box (Review)

Suncast DB7500 outdoor storage deck box provides you with 73 gallons of storage space. It’s not the biggest deck box you can buy buy it’s quite roomy. You can fit around ~10 cushions (depending on their size) inside and for many it will be enough.

Suncast DB7500 measures 46 inches wide (deck box is 45 inches wide but the lid is 46), 25.5 inches high at tallest point and 23.75 inches wide (box is 22 inches wide but the lid 23.75).


Suncast DB7500 is made of polypropylene resin that’s fade resistant. The deck box feels sturdy – something that will last for many many years unless you plan to kick it or jump on it.

Only thing that feels of questionable quality is hinge system but it will probably last too.


Lid opens on hinges however it doesn’t keep it open so you still have to hold it with on hand to put items in or out.

It does have two pretty cool features though: handle and wheels making it easy to to move.


Suncast DB7500 is very water resistant and inside stays dry even if it’s raining rather heavy (at least most of the time).


Suncast DB7500 does look a bid bland and it might be a negative if you want to also serve as a piece of decor however that’s subjective since beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


Assembly might be the worst aspect of Suncast DB7500. It doesn’t require any tools and snapping pieces together is simple however the pieces aren’t labeled so some people have issues figuring it out, others don’t though and do the whole thing under 10 minutes.

It’s very important you you assemble it the right way the first time otherwise you might damage some of the pieces so don’t hurry and take your time.


Overall Suncast DB7500 is a pretty decent deck box. It’s well made however some can find assembly process a bit complicated.

Suncast DB7500 Outdoor Storage Deck Box Details/Specs:

  • Material: Polypropylene resin
  • Color: Light Taupe
  • Storage capacity: 73 gallons / 9.8 cu. ft. / 276 liters
  • Outside dimensions: 46″ x 25.5″ x 23.75″

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