SportRack Horizon Cargo Box Review (Alpine/L/XL)

SportRack Horizon cargo box is available in 3 sizes: Alpine (11 cu. ft.), Large (16 cu. ft.) and Extra Large (17 cu. ft.). They are made of ABS plastic and has load capacity of 110 lbs. The only major difference between them is dimensions. This is a review of Extra Large model but since all variations are quite similar same things likely apply.


Overall quality of SportRack Horizon cargo boxes is decent. They are not far from Thule products but SportRack Horizon does feel a bit wobbly when open likely due to thin material. Even then construction is sturdy enough for purposes of cargo box.


During heavy rain small amounts of water can get inside SportRack Horizon cargo box but most of the time it stays dry.


SportRack Horizon features quick-release assembly system. The advantage is that  mounting hardware can be left inside the cargo box when you take it off, however installation is a lot harder than with other cargo boxes. If you are handy you might do the whole installation in about 10 minutes, if no it can turn into a small nightmare for you.

First you will have to put cargo box on the roof rack and adjust mounting slots over crossbars.

Then you will have to assemble 4 saddles in one of the pre-drilled holes on carrier as per instructions, each saddle consisting of 1 saddle quick release, 1 interior plate, 1 reinforcing plate, 2 carriage bolts and 2 threaded knobs. Turn knobs clockwise just enough to engage threaded ends on carriage bolts but leave assembly loose.

Then put the cargo box back on roof rack and slide each saddle until it separates from carriage bolt and drop down. Position saddles under cross bars and push saddle back back over the carriage bolt, then slide it forward until it stop. Tighten the knobs (by turning clockwise) until they are properly tightened.

To take the cargo box loosen the knobs, slide saddles until they separate from carriage bolts. Then slide saddle forward and lift off of vehicle.


All SportRack Horizon cargo box comes have a lock and comes with 2 keys. Key is cheaply made and lock is a bit finicky but it works.

They can be opened only from passenger (right) side.

Dimensions and weight

SportRack Horizon XL cargo box measures 91 inches long, 30.7 inches wide and 16.5 inches high. It weighs 44 pounds. Maximum spacing is 35.75 inches, mounting width 23.5 inches and front clearance – 56 inches.

SportRack Horizon L measures 75.5 inches long, 33 inches wide and 16.3 inches high. It weighs 43 pounds. Maximum spacing is 32.5 inches, mounting width 25.625 inches and front clearance – 40.625 inches.

SportRack Horizon Alpine measures 88.4 inches long, 20.7 inches wide and 15.9 inches high. It weighs 29 pounds. Maximum spacing is 35.25 inches, mounting width 14.875 inches and front clearance – 52.5 inches.

They all have minimum spacing of 23.625″.


Overall SportRack Horizon is a good cargo box but it has some slight flaws. It’s not the best cargo box you can buy but value for money it offers is pretty good. If you don’t mind slightly difficult mounting process it’s not a bad choice.

SportRack Horizon Cargo Box (Alpine/L/XL) Specs/Details:

  • SportRack Horizon XL (Extra Large)
    • Storage capacity: 17 cubic feet
    • Max. load: 110 lbs
    • Weight:44 lbs
    • Minimum spacing: 23.625“
    • Maximum spacing: 35.75“
    • Mounting width: 23.5“
    • Front clearance: 56“
    • Dimensions: 91″ x 30.7″ x 16.5″ (L x W x H)
    • Model number: SR7017
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  • SportRack Horizon L (Large)
    • Storage capacity: 16 cubic feet
    • Max. load: 110 lbs
    • Weight: 43 lbs
    • Minimum spacing: 23.625“
    • Maximum spacing: 32.5“
    • Mounting width: 25.625“
    • Front clearance: 40.625“
    • Dimensions: 75.9″ x 33.2″ x 16.1″ (L x W x H)
    • Model number: SR7016
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  • SportRack Horizon Alpine
    • Storage capacity: 11 cubic feet
    • Max. load: 110 lbs
    • Weight: 29 lbs
    • Minimum spacing: 23.625“
    • Maximum spacing: 35.25“
    • Mounting width: 14.875“
    • Front clearance: 52.5“
    • Dimensions: 88.4″ x 20.7″ x 15.9″ (L x W x H)
    • Model number: SR7011
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