Snow Joe SJ624E Review

Snow Joe SJ624E is electric corded snow blower with Clearing width of 21 inches and depth of 11.8. It has 14-amp motor and according to manufacturer can clear up to 730 pounds of snow per minute. Snow Joe corded snow blowers have proved in the past to be quite capable so does SJ624E follow the trend?


Snow Joe SJ624E deal with light, fluffy snow very well. Up to 1 foot of fluffy snow is no challenge for it and it will cut through it like it was butter.

If the snow is really dense and hard (almost like solid ice) you will have to break it apart manually before SJ624 will be able to handle it.

It deals with wet snow reasonably well too but not as good as with regular one. Don’t expect it to deal with a foot of slush – it won’t. Few inches is probably most it can handle unless snow is just slightly wet. Wet snow might also make the chute to clog – it’s easy to unclog but can be annoying.

Ease of use

Snow Joe SJ624E weighs just 33.9 lbs making it easy to maneuver and even pick up.

It’s cord powered so if you have no prior experience with dealing with cord it’s going to be a bit of pain. Eventually you will get used to it and it will become second nature to you so don’t get discouraged if at first you find dealing with cord more uncomfortable than expected.


Snow Joe SJ624E is cord powered snow blower but doesn’t come with one. You will have to purchase cord separately and be sure to buy a proper one – a 12 gauge (AWG) one. cords with improper gauge rating will decrease performance and likely damage the motor. Also try to get one that’s made for freezing temperatures so it stays flexible.


Snow Joe SJ624E has steel auger with 2 rubbed blades. Chute is adjustable 180 degrees.

Snow Joe SJ624E is ETL approved.


Unit is shipped almost fully assembled – all you basically have to do is install handlebars and chute. Takes couple minutes to do and is very easy.


Snow Joe SJ624E tackles light to medium duty jobs well. It’s not really made for heavy duty jobs – you will need two-stage gas snow blower for that.

Snow Joe SJ624E Specs/Details:

  • Type: Electric (cord powered)
  • Stage: Single-stage
  • Clearing Width: 21″
  • Clearing Depth: 11.8″
  • Motor:
    • Power: 14 amp
    • Plowing Capacity: 730 lbs/min
    • No-load speed: 1,750 ± 10% RPM
  • Auger: Steel with 2 rubber blades
  • Chute Rotation: 180 degrees
  • Weight: 33.9 pounds/ 15.4 kilograms
  • Dimensions: 41.3″ x 47.2″ x 22.6″ (Depth x Height x Width)
  • Certifications:
    • ETL approved

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