Snow Joe SJ623E Snow Thrower Review

Snow Joe SJ623E is a corded electric snow blower – meaning you will have to deal with the cord which can be annoying at times but you get used to it. It has 15-amp motor and with clearing with of 18 inches and intake height of 10 inches is capable of moving 720 pounds of snow per minute.


Handles 6 inches or dry snow well but any more than that and it might start to struggle. Six to ten inches of light snow is where at times it does just fine yet other times struggles. Over 10 inches of light snow is when it starts to feel a bit too much for this machine yet it can still manage to deal with it if you go slower and/or are willing to do multiple passes.

When it comes to wet and heavy snow this thing performs less well. Depending on how wet/heavy it’s it can sometimes handle it just fine (if it’s up 6 inches) but in more serious cases it will really struggle.

Manufacturer says that it throws snow up to 25 feet away. That’s an overstatement – in reality it dry snow about 10 inches and even less if it’s wet (like 2-3 feet).


This is budget priced snow blower and it feels like one too – a bit flimsy and not heavy duty at all. That doesn’t mean it won’t last – it just doesn’t feel like something you could abuse.


Snow Joe SJ623E has 4-blade steel auger. Chute is adjustable in 180 degrees. It has built-in 23 W halogen light that’s really bright and very useful in the dark time of the day.

It’s not self-propelled but since it’s lightweight its not hard to push unless you are using it in heavy, tall snow.

Snow Joe SJ623E is CSA listed and ETL certified.


Snow Joe recommends 14 gauge extension gauge for less than 50 feet and 12 gauge for those that are over 50 feet long.


If you usually experience light snowfalls then this unit might be for you, however if you area tends to get heavy snowfalls often then perhaps you need something more serious.

Snow Joe SJ623E Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower Details:

  • Motor: 15-amp
  • No-load speed: 2,450 RPM
  • Clearing width: 18 inches
  • Intake height: 10 inches
  • Stage: Single
  • Weight: 33.7 lbs
  • Dimensions: 54.5″ x 26” x 33.7” (D x H x W)
  • Certifications:
    • CSA Listed
    • ETL Certified

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