Snow Joe SJ621 (Review)

Many believe that electric snow blowers are useless but Snow Joe SJ621 is willing to prove otherwise.

Snow Joe SJ621 is electric snow blower with 13.5 amp motor. With clearing width of 18 inches and depth of 10 it can clear up to 650 lbs of snow in a minute with is four blade steel auger.

Instead of running on batteries it’s cord powered snow blower – the disadvantage is that it’s less comfortable to use due to cord management however it also has advantage – corded snow blowers typically offer a lot better performance than similarly priced battery powered ones.


Although many render electric snow blowers as useless Snow Joe SJ621 handles regular snow surprisingly well. It clears 10 inches of it without any issues or bogging down. You can feel it struggle a bit if you push it at a pace faster than walking but it still does the job well – however you shouldn’t push it so fast as it might decrease lifetime of the unit drastically. Just push it a bit slower than walking pace and you will be fine. It throws regular snow pretty well too but not 20 feet away (Snow Joe says SJ621 throws snow up to 20 feet but you will likely never see it throw it that far).

It can handle over 10 inches or even over 1 foot of regular snow too but it will require more work, you will have push the unit forward, backward and forward again (essentially do two passes).

It’s not completely useless in very wet snow too and will handle few inches of it reasonably well only issue being it doesn’t throw it that well. It’s not the best unit for wet of slushy snow but it can handle a bit of it too if necessary. Obviously don’t expect it to handle 8 or more inches of wet snow as it likely won’t.


Snow Joe SJ621 isn’t self propelled but it’s easy to push and maneuver as it only weighs 32.9 lbs. Because of its light weight it’s also not too hard to carry if necessary.


Most of the unit is made of plastic so it doesn’t feel as sturdy as more serious gas snow blowers but the plastic isn’t super cheap and doesn’t feel too fragile. If you don’t abuse Snow Joe SJ621 snow blower it should be built well enough to last for years.


Snow Joe SJ621 has 20W halogen headlight that’s useful in dark time of the day however it only lights up while you are holding the trigger. Chute is manually adjustable and rotates 180 degrees. Snow blower is very compact so it’s a lot easier to store than larger units.

Snow Joe SJ621 is ETL certified.


Snow Joe SJ621 is shipped almost fully assembled. All you have to do it straighten the bars, tighten the two knobs and install lever for adjusting chute which all together takes maybe two minutes to complete.


Overall Snow Joe SJ621 is a good snow blower. It’s not the solution for every situation but it will handle most of them, is rather inexpensive and is electric powered meaning you don’t have to deal with inconveniences of a gas one like maintenance, fumes, loudness, problems starting etc.

Snow Joe SJ621 Specs/Details:

  • Type: Electric corded
  • Plowing Capacity: up to 650 lbs/min
  • No-load speed: 2,450 RPM
  • Clearing Width: 18″
  • Intake Height/Clearing Depth:20 ″
  • Self propelled: No
  • Chute Rotation: 180 degrees
  • Weight: 32.9 pounds
  • Certifications:
    • ETL Certified

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