Smeg CGF01 50’s Retro Style Aesthetic Coffee Grinder Review

Smeg CGF01 is not only a burr coffee grinder it’s also a piece of art. It’s 50’s retro styled grinder making it a very attractive unit.

1950s was perhaps the greatest decade in history of USA. After WW2 the country experienced growth and prosperity – new cars, houses and consumer goods like TVs became a common thing for middle class folks.

Design in the 50s was inspired by this new-found wave of positivity as well futurism as future seemed so bright making 50s design unique and extremely charming which is why Smeg CGF01 50’s retro styled grinder such a beautiful piece of appliance. However as beautiful as Smeg CGF01 can be it’s still a coffee grinder and if it can’t do a good job of that it’s no good. So is it genuinely good burr grinder or nothing more than a fancy piece of decor?


Smeg CGF01 is equippd with stainless steel conical burrs and has 30 different grind settings from coarse to fine. You can grind into grounds container or straight into portafilter. Smeg CGF01 grinds well. Grounds come out pretty uniform. What’s also important is that burrs grind at 450 revolutions per minute which in theory means they won’t heat up and extract flavor of the beans before brewing.


Smeg CGF01 50’s retro style burr grinder has die-cast aluminum powder coated body. It feels heavy (in a good way) and well made.

Bean hopper and grounds container

Bean hopper holds 350 grams of beans whereas grounds container holds 130 grams of grounds coffee. Both the hopper and container are made of Tritan and are static free.


Smeg CGF01 has knob with which you select amount of beans to be grinded (from 1 to 12 cups). There’s also a manual setting so you can grind manually by holding the button inside the knob. Grind coarseness is selected with a lever.

Overall Smeg CGF01 is simple to use and controls are similar to many other burr grinders so if you have owned one before the chances are you will find them intuitive.


Is Smeg CGF01 burr grinder worth the money? It depends. There are grinders that can grind just as well for less money, however Smeg CGF01 has no static, feels extremely well built, grinds relatively quiet and is a very beautiful appliance whereas most other burr grinders look a bit bland. If the upsides are worth the money, then so is Smeg CGF01.

Smeg CGF01 50’s Retro Style Aesthetic Coffee Grinder Specifications:

  • Power: 150W
  • Grind settings: 30
  • Grinding RPM: 450
  • Bean hopper capacity: 350 grams
  • Grounds container capacity: 130 grams
  • Power cable length: 100 cm
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 220 mm x 150 mm x 385 mm / ~8.7” x ~5.9” x ~15.2”
  • Weight: 3.1 kg / ~6.8 lb
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