SHARDOR HM226B 300W Hand Mixer Review

SHARDOR HM226B is a hand mixer with 300 watt power and 10 different speed settings.


SHARDOR HM226B hand mixer has really good power for its price. It can handle thicker doughs that most other hand mixers would struggle with.

It’s not perfect though. Even though it has 10 different speed settings the variety of them is not satisfactory. The slowest speed isn’t particularly slow meaning you can expect some splattering. This is however a very common flaw with cheap hand mixers like this and considering it does have decent power it’s a forgivable one.


It’s on the smaller side of hand mixers which can be a good or a bad thing depending on your hand size. It’s also quite lightweight which is definitely a good thing.


Even though majority of consumer feedback is positive some have had issues with reliability. Some consumers have reported that their unit only lasted a few months with the most common cause of failure being motor dying when mixing something thick that puts a lot of strain on the motor.


SHARDOR HM226B hand mixer comes with two beaters, two dough hooks and a storage case.


For the money SHARDOR HM226B is a good hand mixer but since it’s an inexpensive it’s not perfect.

SHARDOR HM226B Hand Mixer Specifications:

  • Voltage/Frequency: 120V/60Hz
  • Power: 300W
  • Speed settings: 10
    • Turbo 1 mode:
      • Speed 1: 654 to 885 RPM
      • Speed 2: 782 to 1,058 RPM
      • Speed 3: 909 to 1,230 RPM
      • Speed 4: 1,037 to 1,403 RPM
      • Speed 5: 1,122 to 1,518 RPM
    • Turbo 2 mode:
      • Speed 1: 739 to 1,000 RPM
      • Speed 2: 867 to 1,173 RPM
      • Speed 3: 994 to 1,345 RPM
      • Speed 4: 1,079 to 1,460 RPM
      • Speed 5: 1,164 to 1,575 RPM
  • Power cord length: 39.4 inches / 100 cm
  • Dimensions: 3.15’’ x 2.75’’ x 7’’ / 8 cm x 7 cm x 17.8 cm
  • Weight: 3.34 lb / 1.515 kg

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