SAN HIMA Car Roof Cargo Carrier Bag Review

SAN HIMA car rooftop bag offers 15 cubic feet of storage space.


It’s made of military grade materials like PCV coated mesh and 500D PVC fabric. Material is thick and durable. The bag itself is durable but it has one weak spot – straps. They start to show signs of wear after couple thousand miles of use so the bag might not last long.


It’s not as weatherproof as some other bags. SAN HIMA cargo bag is water resistant but not completely waterproof. Although inside most times stay dry during/after rain it’s not uncommon for moisture or a little bit of water getting inside so it’s not the most weatherproof bag.

Be warned that few consumers have complained about lots of water getting inside so although it seems to do reasonably good job of keeping contents of the bag dry most of the time (even if moisture or water gets inside it’s usually not enough to damage your belongings) it seems that sometimes it can actually fail and leak heavily.


SAN HIMA car rooftop bag is compatible with most cars whether they have roof rack or not. It’s easy to quick to install. If you have roof rack and/or crossbars this is how you install the bag:

  1. Check if roof of your car is clean with no debris
  2. Place roofbag between roof rack side rails. If your car has cross bars then adjust them to be near your cargo bag.
  3. Load the bag with your belongings. It’s recommended to place heavy and/or large objects in the bottom whereas lighter ones on top.
  4. Close the zipper and fold the flap all the way to completely cover zipper and secure using hook and loop fasteners to hold the flap in place.
  5. Feed the straps through the strap holder locations.
  6. Loop both ends of each strap under either a side rail or a cross bar. Connect buckles. Alternate tightening both ends of each strap until all of them are properly tightened and cargo carried bag is securely installed.
  7. Manually check if bag is securely installed – try to move it around with your hands and if it stays put (doesn’t move) then you probably have installed it correctly/properly.


SAN HIMA rooftop bag has velcro flap that covers zipper to increase weather resistance. It measures 44 inches long, 34 inches wide and 17 inches high (111.76 centimeters x 86.36 centimeters x 43.18 centimeters).

SAN HIMA rooftop bag comes with 8 adjustable straps and 1 anti-slip mat.


SANHIMA car roof cargo carrier bag doesn’t come with instructions.

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At first glance SANHIMA cargo bag seems like a good car rooftop carrier but it turns out it has deficiencies – it starts to show signs of wear after few thousand miles of use and although quite water resistant it isn’t fully waterproof.

It’s very inexpensive compared to other rooftop cargo bags so it’s not really surprising it lacks in some areas.

SANHIMA Car Roof Cargo Carrier Bag Details/Specs:

  • Storage capacity: 15 cu. ft. (425 liters)
  • External dimensions: 44″ x 34″ x 17″ (L x W x H)
  • Material: PCV coated mesh + 500D PVC fabric
  • Package contents:
    • 1 x SANHIMA Rooftop Bag
    • 8 x Adjustable Straps
    • 1 x Anti-Slip Mat

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