SALEM MASTER CG520M (G520M) 51.7cc Weed Eater Review

SALEM MASTER CG520M (G520M) weed whacker has 2-stroke 51.7cc motor that outputs 1.4 kW (1.9 hp). It’s truly a beast – it has tons of power and can handle very demanding jobs without bogging down. It cuts through overgrowth with ease. However it can be hard to start – which is a problem some consumers have complained about.

SALEM MASTER CG520M / G520M string trimmer uses 0.042″ string. It has cutting diameter of 230 mm or ~9 inches (3T blade brush cutter) and cutting blade of 410 mm or ~16.1 inches (grass trimmer). Grass trimmer uses 1.4mm/4 teeth spool.

It’s not recommended to operate SALEM MASTER CG520M / G520M weed whacker in temperatures above 40℃ / 104°F.


SALEM MASTER CG520M (G520M) weed eater is a bit heavy though – with empty fuel tank and without any cutting attachments it weighs 16.1 lbs (7.3 kg).

Despite being heavy it’s still rather comfortable to use. It has U handle which reduces strain on wrist and makes operation more coordinated. It also features super shock absorption design that reduces vibration caused fatigue and injury as well obviously increases comfort.

SALEM MASTER CG520M (G520M) weed eater also has balanced straight shaft which provides provides greater reach to hard to reach spots like underneath the bushes, provides clear view and makes cutting overall a more comfortable experience.


  • SALEM MASTER CG520M water tank is translucent so you can see how much fuel is left inside.
  • Baffle has easy to remove design.
  • SALEM MASTER CG520M air filter has snap-on design so it’s easy to install without any tools required.

It comes with instruction manual but it’s poorly written.

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SALEM MASTER CG520M string trimmer is on heavier side however it’s very powerful and thoughtfully designed. It’s not the best option for everyone but overall it’s a great weed eater.


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SALEM MASTER CG520M String Trimmer Specs:

  • Cylinder displacement: 51.7 см³
  • Engine Type: 2 stroke single cylinder gasoline engine
  • Cylinder Bore/Stroke: 44/34
  • Power output: 1.89 hp/6500
  • Idling Speed: 3000 rpm
  • Carburetor: Pump Film Type
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 1200 ml
  • Weight: 16.1 lbs (7.3 kg)

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