Rubbermaid Bridgeport 123-Gallon Patio Storage Cabinet (Review)

Rubbermaid Bridgeport is outdoor storage patio cabinet with storage capacity of 123 gallons. It’s made in USA so expectations are a bit high – can it meet them all?


Quality for the money is pretty good. Although Rubbermaid Bridgeport storage cabinet is made of plastic like material it’s pretty sturdy once assembled.

Of course don’t expect a quality of something that costs 3x more but Rubbermaid Bridgeport should last for many years to come, perhaps even lifetime.


Rubbermaid Bridgeport patio cabinet has adjustable shelf that can support 50 lbs of weight according to manufacturer (and it really can).

It can be locked with a lock which is not included so you will have to purchase one separately. Lock is useful not only because it adds extra protection but also because it keeps doors closed – stronger wind can swing them open.


For the most part Rubbermaid Bridgeport seems to be quite watertight however in some cases moisture can get inside or even a little bit of water at the bottom so it’s not 100% water resistant.


Rubbermaid 123-gallon patio cabinet is actually pretty good looking so it can also work as a decor element in your patio while storing your belongings.


Assembly is a little bit more complicated than usual and will likely take at least 1 hour to complete. Instructions are decent so as long as you follow them it shouldn’t be hard to assemble the cabinet but it will take some time.


For the money Rubbermaid Bridgeport is a good outdoor storage cabinet. There are deck boxes with similar storage capacity that cost less but if you are looking specifically for a cabinet then this is the one to choose as long as you don’t mind a bit lengthy assembly.

Rubbermaid Bridgeport 1863391/1889849 123 Gallon Storage Cabinet Specifications:

  • Storage capacity: 123 gallons / 16.4 cu. ft. / 465 liters
  • Material: Resin plastic
  • Colors:
    • Black oak (Model number: 1863391)
    • Dark teak (Model number: 1889849)
  • Outside dimensions: 46.75″ x 13.375″ x 26.5″ (W x D x H)

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