RoofPax Car Roof Bag (Review)

RoofPax car roof bag offers 19 cubic feet of storage capacity. It’s among best selling rooftop cargo bags – so how good is it compared to competition?


The first impression you have of Roofpax car roof bag is how well made it’s – materials are sturdy, thick and of high quality. RoofPax says the bag is made of military grade materials and it’s entirely plausible.

RoofPax car roof bag is made of sturdy 1680-D PVC fabric with water repellent tarpaulin double coating that also provides UV protection.


RoofPax car roof bag has waterproof dual seam technology, heavy duty SBS zipper, 10 elastic velcro straps with NIFCO buckles and double strap covers with 8 Velcro stripes.

It also has 7mm thick built-in protective mat to protect the roof of your car from scratches.


RoofPax car roof bag is very weatherproof as inside of it stays completely dry during & after heavy rainstorms.

Does that mean your belongings are 100% guaranteed to stay dry inside RoofPax cargo bag? No, but same could said about any other rooftop bag or box. If the bag is in perfect condition and made the way it’s supposed to then it’s near impossible for water or moisture to get inside, however in some cases it’s possible:

  • Imagine you have used the bag for many, many years and tens of thousands of miles – by this time it might have some wear causing possibility of leakage.
  • With any product occasionally some malfunctions happen during manufacturing process resulting in defective product or batches – even if they are very unlikely. There probably isn’t company in the world that has 0% failure rate in manufacturing process. It can be very unlikely – like 1 in 10,000, but failures still happen. If you get unlucky you might not notice at first glance you got a defective product and use it before returning it.

It’s very unlikely water or moisture will get inside your RoofPax cargo carrier and consumer feedback confirms this but in very rare instances it can happen.


RoofPax car roof bag is compatible with or without roof rack. Instead of using straps like most rooftop bags it uses door hooks that’s a safer solution and also simpler to install.

Noise & MPG

The bag doesn’t cause a lot of noise (it also somewhat depends how well insulated your vehicle is) but it will have slight negative impact on fuel economy.

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RoofPax car roof bag measures 47.2 inches long, 35.4 inches wide and 19.8 inches high.


This is one of the best car roof carrier bags for sale (maybe even the best one). It’s sturdy, very weatherproof, well built, roomy and feature-rich. We highly recommend RoofPax car roof bag if you are looking for a car rooftop carrier.


  • Storage capacity: 19 cu. ft.
  • Installation: Door hooks
  • External dimensions: 47.2″ x 35.4″ x 19.8″ (L x W x H)
  • Material: 1680-D PVC fabric with double tarpaulin coating
  • Features:
    • Waterproof dual seam technology
    • Heavy duty SBS zippers
    • Elastic velcro straps with NIFCO buckles
    • Double strap covers with 8 Velcro stripes.
    • Built-in protective mat (7mm thickness)

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