Remington RM1645 Electric Chainsaw Review

Remington RM1645 is electric corded chainsaw with 12-amp motor and 16-Inch reduced-kickback guide bar and chain. It’s significantly less expensive than other chainsaws so can it really be any good?

Cutting performance

Remington RM1645 is surprisingly powerful and cuts tree limbs and branches very well. You can even use it on trees of diameter up to 20 inches. It’s more powerful than many other electric chainsaws than might struggle with anything with diameter more than couple inches. It’s not a proper replacement for a medium or heavy duty gas chainsaw but it’s sufficient for many

As it’s cord powered chainsaw there is one obvious disadvantage – you will need to have socket nearby to use it.

Ease of use

Overall Remington RM1645 is easy to use. It’s lightweight and ease to maneuver.


Remington RM1645 doesn’t come with extension cord so you will have to purchase it separately. You need to get appropriate cord as undersized extension cord will result in decrease in power and make the motor overheat which will more than likely damage it beyond repair.

Cords in length of up to 25 feet have to be rated at 14 AWG (the smaller the number the better so 12 AWG will work too) whereas cords of up to 50 feet – 12 AWG. You shouldn’t use a cord longer that 50 feet.


Some of the features Remington RM1645 has include:

  • 16-inch low-kickback bar and chain
  • external adjustment screw for chain tension
  • Automatic chain oiler
  • Visible oil level
  • Wraparound hand guard

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Common issues

So far Remington RM1645 might have left impression that it’s too good to be true but it does have some flaws. You might think that a chainsaw this cheap must lack in quality and in a way you might be right. Although it feels solidly built it does have some issues that are more or less common.

Most common issue by far is unit leaking oil, less common issues but still more than usual are plastic gears tearing up and motor burning out. Not everyone experiences these issues with Remington RM1645, likely most don’t, but you have to be aware that’s there is a possibility running into them if you plan to purchase this chainsaw.


Remington RM1645 cuts surprisingly well despite being very inexpensive. Reliability perhaps isn’t the best but considering the vast amount of positive consumer feedback it’s probably not that unreliable. At the end of the day this chainsaw offers tremendous value for money.

Remington RM1645 Electric Chainsaw Specs/Details:

  • Type: Electric (Corded)
  • Motor: 12-Amp
  • Voltage: 120 VAC
  • Bar length: 16” (40.6 cm)
  • Chain pitch: 3/8” (9.5 mm)
  • Chain gauge : 0.050” (1.3 mm)
  • Chain oil reservoir capacity: 8.8 oz (262 mL)
  • Weight (without oil): 9.5 lbs (approximate)

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