RCA FRF472 7.1 Cubic Feet White Chest Freezer Review

RCA FRF472 is a white chest freezer with 7.1 cubic foot storage capacity. But is it better than competition?


RCA FRF472 works well. It’s not loud and keeps your food frozen just fine. It uses R600a refrigerant and can cool down as cold as -18 degrees Celsius (-0.4°F).

Control panel

Controls are pretty much the same as you see on most chest freezers. You get a dial with 8 settings (“Off” setting + 7 temperature settings) as well 2 indicator lights – “Power” and “Run”.


RCA FRF472 chest freezer comes with 1 wire basket and has drain plug.


One of the big issues is that RCA FRF472 seems to get dented during shipping process very often, sometimes quite severally. Another possibly significant issue is reliability – some consumers have complained their RCA FRF472 dying after 1-2 years of use. It’s hard to estimate how common this problem really is, but long-term reliability might be an issue.

Less significant but still somewhat important thing is energy efficiency. Even though this model is sometimes advertised as having “energy-saving design” it’s actually not among the most energy efficient chest freezers of this size.


Due to previously mentioned issues RCA FRF472 probably isn’t the chest freezer you should buy. There are better alternatives available for similar pricing.

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