Proctor Silex K2070PS 1-Liter Electric Kettle Review

Proctor Silex K2070PS is electric kettle with 1 liter capacity and 1000 watt power supply.


At maximum capacity (1 liter) Proctor Silex K2070PS electric kettle brings water to boil in 6 to 9 minutes, at minimum – in around 2. It’s fairly quick although that’s partially because of it’s smaller size.

More expensive electric kettles typically have 1500 watt power supply and maximum capacity of 1.5 liters. They will bring same amounts of water to boil faster than Proctor Silex K2070PS however when we compare them at their max. capacity warm up times are quite similar.

Water does taste and smell pure. You might notice some scent of plastic the first few times you boil water but that goes away fast. Water does stay warm for a good while too.


Proctor Silex K2070PS electric kettle is mostly made of plastic so it’s lightweight but doesn’t feel as high quality as more expensive ones made of stainless steel. It’s a very basic kettle with very basic construction. It even uses a simple coil at the bottom of the pot as heating element.

So how about reliability, is Proctor Silex K2070PS well engineered? Reports from consumers vary greatly. Some have reported their Proctor Silex K2070PS kettle lasting only few months whereas others reported owning one for years, in some cases even for over a decade with it still going strong.


Proctor Silex K2070PS electric kettle has auto shut off and boil-dry protection features. It doesn’t have a base like more expensive models but the cord detaches from the kettle. The on/off switch illuminates while Proctor Silex K2070PS is turned on (warming water).


Proctor Silex K2070PS electric kettle has a water window on both sides with 5 different volume markings:

  • Min
  • 0.5 liters
  • 4 cups
  • 6 cups
  • 1 liter / Max


Proctor Silex K2070PS is almost as basic as electric kettle can be however it works just fine and is very affordable.

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