Presto Precise 10-Quart Multi-use Programmable Pressure Cooker Plus Review

Presto Precise 02143 Plus is a pressure cooker with 10-quart capacity. If 6-quart pressure cookers are not big enough for you is this model worthy of consideration?


Presto Precise 02143 Plus cooks just like you would expect from a pressure cooker – fast and well. Food tastes great and has rich flavor.

Presto Precise 10-quart pressure cooker has many cooking functions including rice, desserts, beans, soup, stew, poultry, fish, multigrain, veggies, brown, sauté, keep warm, slow cook, ribs, roast as well low and high pressure modes.

Control panel

Presto Precise 10-quart pressure cooker is fairly simple to use. It’s equipped with display screen, control knob as well “Start” and “Cancel” buttons. Display screen shows timer, progress bar, selected cooking function and pressure (low or high).

You can also select cooking settings manually. To do this you have to press and hold control knob for few seconds. Once all preset cooking programs disappear the “cook time” will start flashing allowing you to adjust time with the knob. Once you have selected desired time press the knob and select pressure mode (high to low). After you do that you can simply press “Start” to begin cooking or “cancel” if you made a mistake.

Possible issue

The green safety valve is made of plastic which you might suspect is not a very durable material. Some consumers have reported it breaking after not so much of use causing the pressure/steam leaking and rendering pressure cooker pretty much unusable.


Presto Precise 10-quart pressure cooker is large, fairly affordable and cooks great however some parts are not as sturdy as you want them to be which might cause shorter lifespan.

Presto Precise 10-Quart Multi-use Programmable Pressure Cooker Plus Specifications:

  • Voltage: 120V
  • Power: 1370W
  • Capacity: 10 quarts (9.5 liters)

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