PowerXL HF-509DT 4-QT Air Fryer Review (Maxx Classic)

PowerXL HF-509DT is an air fryer with 4-quart cooking basket – large enough to cook for 1-2 persons at a time.


PowerXL HF-509DT does cook quite well for an inexpensive air fryer. Everything you cook seems to come out tasting great – french fries, chicken wings, fish, steak and many other foods end up delicious. Some of the more expensive air fryers might cook food a bit more crispy on outside but the difference isn’t huge.

To make cooking simpler PowerXL HF-509DT has 4 presets: air fry/french fries, broil/fish, chicken and steak. They work pretty well but doesn’t always produce best results so some experimentation with temperature and time won’t hurt.

PowerXL HF-509DT works great for reheating leftovers too – they taste a lot better than if you heat them up in microwave.


PowerXL HF-509DT has a simple control panel with LCD display and touch sensitive buttons.


Cooking basket has non-stick coating applied to it. You have to be careful when you take it out as if you tilt it too much hot grease can spill out through air vents.


PowerXL HF-509DT is a pretty basic air fryer that works just fine. You won’t be able to cook a lot of food with it in one sitting but what you do cook comes out tasting great which is what matters the most. With that being said there are better air fryers for sale however they are more expensive as well.

PowerXL HF-509DT 4-QT Maxx Classic Air Fryer Specifications:

  • Power: 1200W
  • Cooking basket capacity: 4 quarts
  • Temperature: up to 400°F

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