PowerXL GLA-1001 10 QT Air Fryer Oven Review

PowerXL GLA-1001 is an air fryer with 10 quart cooking capacity and can cook in temperatures ranging from 120°F to 400°F.


Just like most air fryers PowerXL GLA-1001 cooks well. Meat is tender and juicy, french fries come out crispy and vegetables are tasty as well. Food is not greasy so you know it’s healthy.

PowerXL GLA-1001 warms up very fast. There’s only heating element on top though so you might have to flip around some foods halfway through cooking process but at least in most cases that isn’t necessary.

To make cooking easier PowerXL GLA-1001 has 10 cooking presets. They don’t always work great so if first results with them aren’t satisfying feel free to experiment with temperatures and/or cooking time.


The 10 presets PowerXL GLA-1001 has are:

PresetDefault TemperatureDefault Cooking time
Reheat240° F / 115° C12 minutes
French Fries400° F / 200° C18 minutes
Steak/Chops390° F / 199° C25 minutes
Fish325° F / 163° C15 minutes
Shrimp320° F / 160° C12 minutes
Pizza 360° F / 182° C)15 minutes
Chicken370° F / 185° C40 minutes
Baking320° F / 160° C30 minutes
Rotisserie375° F / 191° C30 minutes*
Dehydrator120° F / 50° C2 hours**

* Cooking time for a chicken varies depending on its size/weight.
** Dehydration time can be adjusted from 2 to 24 hours.

Control panel

Control panel of PowerXL GLA-1001 features LCD display that shows cooking temperature or time left as well 16 touch-sensitive buttons: “On/Off” button; “Rotation Button” (press this when cooking with); two sets of “+” and ‘’-” buttons (one for adjusting temperature and other one for cooking time) as well 10 more buttons for previously mentioned presets.

With so many buttons control panel might feel a bit over-crowded at first but you get used to it fast. Overall PowerXL GLA-1001 could be described as easy to use.


PowerXL GLA-1001 10-quart air fryer comes with:

  • 1 x Rotisserie shaft, forks & set screws
  • 3 x crisper trays
  • 10 x skewer
  • 1 x rotating air fry basket
  • 1 x Drip tray

Clean up

PowerXL GLA-1001 is easy to clean for the most part. Grease drops to the drip tray, accessories are dishwasher safe. Inside of air fryer can be cleaned with h hot water, a mild detergent and a nonabrasive sponge but wipe it dry afterwards and don’t scrub the heating elements. Only complaint is that crumbs or grease can get stuck to hard to access spaces on the door when you remove trays.


PowerXL GLA-1001 is a good air fryer that is easy to use and cooks well.

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