PowerSmart 24-inch 212cc Snow Blower Review

If you are looking for PowerSmart 24-inch 212cc snow blower you might be interested in two models: PSS2240-X & DB7624E as they both fit the criteria. Which offers better value for money and which one should you choose?

1# PowerSmart PSS2240-X Snow Blower

PowerSmart PSS2240-X is a gas powered 212cc snowblower with 24 inch clearing width and 20 inch clearing path. It’s self-propelled and has 6-forward and 2-backward speeds. PowerSmart PSS2240-X has 13 inch inflatable tires with tread that provides good grip in snow. Chute is rotatable in 180 degrees and metal skid shoes are adjustable in height..

PowerSmart PSS2240-X snowblower works very well and blows snow great. It’s very powerful and has no issues handling a huge pile of snow and ice. PowerSmart PSS2240-X has push button electric start and manual starter – either works great and snow blower starts right up. The only flaw is that maneuverability isn’t the best – turning PowerSmart PSS2240-X snowblower does take a little bit of effort.

Assembly is quick and simple, don’t forget to add oil before starting it up. Frame and auger system is made of heavy duty steel and is sturdy.

Overall PowerSmart PSS2240-X is a great snowblower – it performs well especially considering it’s relatively cheap compared.

PowerSmart PSS2240-X 24-inch 212cc Snow Blower Details:

  • Type: Gas Powered
  • Engine size: 212cc
  • Plowing Capacity: 2211 lbs/min
  • Clearing width: 24 inches
  • Clearing depth: 20 inches
  • Weight: ~147 lb

2# PowerSmart DB7624E Snow Blower

PowerSmart DB7624E snow blower has 212cc engine that develops 7 horsepower and 9.5 lb-ft of torque. PowerSmart DB7624E has 24 inch clearing width and 21 inch clearing path. It too is self propelled and features 4 forward speeds and 2 backwards.

Overall PowerSmart DB7624E handles snow well but not as good as PSS2240-X. It can struggle a bit with larger amounts of snow but it will do the job nonetheless just slower. Manufacturer claims it throws snow up to 40 feet – it probably won’t, but it still throws it quite far away. Just like PSS2240-X both a manual starter and push button electric start – both work great.

Assembly of PowerSmart DB7624E 24-inch 212cc snow blower is pretty simple but instructions could be written better. Most of the unit feels well made and sturdy however there are some parts that do feel a bit fragile like knobs and handles that are made from cheap plastic.

PowerSmart DB7624E Details:

  • Type: Gas Powered
  • Engine size: 212cc
  • Clearing width: 24 inches
  • Clearing depth: 21 inches
  • Weight: 180 pounds


Both of them are great snow blowers but PowerSmart PSS2240-X seem to offer better value for money!

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