Best Phiestina Wine Coolers (2023 Review)

With Phiestina making countless models of wine coolers it can be difficult to understand which is the right one for you. In this article you will find which Phiestina wine coolers are the best, whether they meet your requirements and how good or bad they really are.

#1 Phiestina PH-46BD

Phiestina PH-46BD is a dual zone wine cooler with 150 liter capacity capable of storing up to 46 wine bottles. How many you will be able to actually fit inside depends as wine bottles come in various shapes and sizes but you should be able to get around 40 inside.

The smaller, upper zone, which features two shelves is designed for white wine as in it you can set temperature from 40°F to 50°F. Larger, lower zone, features 4 shelves and is designed for red wine with temperature from 50°F to 66°F.

As a wine cooler Phiestina PH-46BD works quite well. You might notice that temperature sometimes is slightly inaccurate or fluctuates by couple degrees but it does maintain you wine at desired temperature or very close to it. Considering the holding capacity and price the performance is pretty good.

Control panel

Each temperature zone gets its separate LCD display and buttons for temperature adjustments. There are also two universal buttons for both temperature zones: “Light” (turns interior light on/off) and “°C/°F’’ (switches between Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature scales).


Phiestina PH-46BD features dual pane glass which protects wine from UV rays. Door hinge is reversible. Front vent allows it to be used for built-in application.

Energy consumption

Phiestina PH-46BD uses estimated 0.91 kWh a day and 333.6 kWh a year.

Size and weight

Phiestina PH-46BD wine cooler weighs 104 lb (47 kg) and measures 23.4 inches wide by 22.4 inches deep by 33 inches high.


With all things taken into consideration PH-46BD will be the best Phiestina wine cooler for most consumers.

#2 Phiestina PH-29BD

Phiestina PH-29BD is also a dual zone wine cooler but it’s smaller than PH-46BD and subsequently usually sold at lower price. It can hold up to 29 bottles of wine, that is if your whole wine collection consists of standard sized Bordeaux bottles which it likely doesn’t. Considering all most common sizes/shapes of wine bottles you can realistically expect to fit around 20 inside Phiestina PH-29BD.

Upper zone is the smaller one of the two and allows you to set temperature anywhere from 40°F to 50°F. Lower zone which has 1 more shelve works in temperature range from 50°F to 66°F.

Phiestina PH-29BD operates quietly, cools down fast and seems to have accurate temperature control. Temperatures seem to be constant for the most part.

Control panel

Control panel is essentially the same to that of Phiestina PH-46BD. You get two LCD displays (one for each temperature zone) and 4 buttons for temperature adjustment (2 for each zone – “Up” and “Down”). Then there are two another buttons for interior LED lights and switching between Celsius/Fahrenheit temperature scales.


Features include dual pane glass door, reversible door hinge and blue LED interior lighting.

Size and weight

Phiestina PH-29BD weighs 72 pounds (32.7 kilograms) and measures 14.9 inches wide, 22.4 inches deep and 33.9 inches high.


If Phiestina PH-46BD is a bit too large for your needs then PH-29BD is a good alternative.

#3 Phiestina PH-150BCW3L

Phiestina PH-150BCW3L is a beverage cooler with two temperature zones with left zone designed for wine bottles and right one for cans.

In the left zone you can select temperature ranging from 40°F to 60°F and fit up to 20 bottles (depending on their size) whereas in right zone temperature can be adjusted from 38°F to 50°F and store up to 78 cans.

Phiestina PH-150BCW3L works reasonably well. It keeps your drinks chill just fine but Phiestina PH-150BCW3L might not make them ice cold.

It’s not as quiet as PH-46BD and PH-29BD, you can occasionally hear it gurgling or compressor kicking in. It’s not very loud but it’s not among quietest units.

Control panel

Each temperature zone has its separate control panel which consists of LCD display and 4 buttons:

  • “Power” button: Turns unit on or off.
  • “Up” button: Increases temperature in 1 degree increments.
  • “Down” button: Decreases temperature in 1 degree increments.
  • “Light” button: Turns interior light on or off.


Phiestina PH-150BCW3L features dual pane UV tinted glass doors, adjustable legs and front vent which allows you to install it undercounter.

Size and weight

Phiestina PH-150BCW3L beverage cooler weighs 123 lb (55.8 kg) and measures 23.4 inches wide by 22.4 inches deep by 33.9 inches high.


Phiestina PH-150BCW3L is a decent beverage/wine cooler but it isn’t quite among the best.

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