Paula Deen PDKD579 10-QT Digital Air Fryer Review

Paula Deen PDKD579 is a digital air fryer with 10 quart cooking capacity. It’s large enough to cook for 4-6 people and has 10 presets to make cooking simpler.


Paula Deen PDKD579 cooks well, food comes out tender and juicy – it will taste great as long as you prepare it properly. To make french fries crispy you do need to add a bit of oil (best to spray them a bit) but it’s still a lot healthier and frying them in oil.

Control panel

Control panel features LCD display and 16 touch sensitive buttons. 4 of the buttons are for temperature and cooking time adjustment, then two more are “Start/Pause” and “On/Off” buttons. Remaining 10 buttons are for presets: “French Fries“, “Wings“, “Pizza“, “Beef“, “Fish“, “Chicken“, “Vegetables“, “Bake“, “Air Fry“ and “Reheat“.

Buttons are responsive and air fryer is pretty simple to use.


Paula Deen PDKD579 10-QT air fryer features cookware with FDA-compliant ceramic non-stick coating.

Possible issues

Some of the issues that consumers have complained about are “Paula Deen” logo coming off and rubber ends peeling off from crisper. Other than that this seems to be a solid air fryer.


Paula Deen PDKD579 is a decent air fryer that can cook well but it has some shortcomings so it’s not among the best air fryers in its class.

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