Best Paula Deen Air Fryers in 2023 (Review)

There are many different Paula Deen air fryers on sale today so which ones are the best? Let’s find out!

#1 Paula Deen PDKD579 10-QT Digital Air Fryer

Paula Deen PDKD579 is one of the largest basket type air fryers on sale with its 10 quart basket. It’s equipped with 1700 watt heating element.


Paula Deen PDKD579 is the best cooking Paula Deen air fryer. Pretty much anything comes out tasting great. Meat is tender and juicy on inside, french fries are crispy albeit some air fryers might make them slightly crispier (however if you don’t find them to be crispy enough you can fix this by spraying a little bit of oil on them the next time you cook).

Presets/Cooking modes

Paula Deen PDKD579 air fryer has 10 presets/cooking modes: “French Fries“, “Wings“, “Pizza“, “Beef“, “Fish“, “Chicken“, “Vegetables“, “Bake“, “Air Fry“ and “Reheat“.

Control panel

Paula Deen PDKD579 air fryer is equipped with display screen and 16 touch sensitive buttons: Two for adjusting temperature, two for time, then there are “Start/Pause” and “On/Off” buttons as well 10 more for each preset.

Touch-sensitive buttons are responsive and control panel is easy to use.

Possible issues

The most common issue consumers have reported is “Paula Deen” logo peeling off over time. This is purely aesthetic issue that doesn’t influence the way air fryer performs.

The second most common reported issue is crisper rubber ends coming off. This also isn’t a significant issue but no issue is a pleasant thing.

Other than those two things there doesn’t seem to be any other issues that might be somewhat common.


Like most air fryers Paula Deen PDKD579 has non-stick coating which in this case is ceramic and FDA-compliant.


Paula Deen PDKD579 is the best Paula Deen air fryer!

#2 Paula Deen PDAF8TX-2 8.5QT 1700-Watt Air Fryer

Paula Deen PDAF8TX-2 is an air fryer with 8.5 quart cooking basket – large enough to cook for 4 to 6 people at a time. It can cook in temperatures as high as 430°F whereas most air fryers top out at 400°F.


Paula Deen PDAF8TX-2 cooks to a similar fashion as PDKD579. The food is cooked evenly and is delicious. French fries come out crispy without spraying any oil but doing so will make them even crispier.

Inside of the cooking basket is 10 inches wide, 10 inches deep and 5 inches tall.

Control panel

Whereas most air fryers have digital controls Paula Deen PDAF8TX-2 has mechanical. It has two dials – one for adjusting temperature and the other for cooking time.

Some might find mechanical controls to be more convenient but they are slightly less accurate than digital ones.


Paula Deen PDAF8TX-2 air fryer comes with useful accessories like mesh basket, griddle insert, grill insert, cooking insert and divider.


Paula Deen PDAF8TX-2 air fryer is ETL Listed meaning it meets nationally recognized safety standard. Cookware has FDA-compliant ceramic non-stick coating.


Paula Deen PDAF8TX-2 is another decent air fryer. It’s not inherently better or worse than the PDKD579 however there are some differences between the two.

#3 Paula Deen HF-9001D 9.5 QT Air Fryer

Paula Deen HF-9001D air fryer has 9.5-quart large cooking basket. It can cook in temperatures as high as 400°F.


Some of the other air fryers might cook a bit better but results with Paula Deen HF-9001D aren’t bad. The food still tastes good but in some cases results might be a bit better with other air fryers.

The internal dimensions of the cooking basket with cooking insert are: 11.75 inches long by 11 inches wide by 5 inches high. It has FDA-compliant ceramic non-stick coating so it’s easy to clean too.

Control panel

Paula Deen HF-9001D uses old-school mechanical controls. You get two dials: one for temperature, other for time.

Possible issues

Some consumers have reported reliability issues (i.e. air fryer breaking after less than 1 year of use) or cooking basket being difficult to insert. With that being said most consumer feedback is positive.


Even though Paula Deen HF-9001D is not as good as the Paula Deen air fryers above but it’s not necessarily a bad one. If there is one redeeming quality for HF-9001D it’s the price as it is relatively inexpensive for its size.

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