PHISINIC 800W 6.5QT Stand Mixer Review

PHISINIC SM-1522YM is a stand mixer with 800 watt motor and 6.5 quart mixing bowl. It’s usually sold at significantly lower price than KitchenAid stand mixers so is it a worthy alternative? Performance PHISINIC SM-1522YM works really well. The motor is powerful and doesn’t struggle even with larger amounts of stiff, hard doughs. It does

Jocuu Electric Gooseneck Kettle Review

Jocuu LPS-1995 is gooseneck type electric kettle with 0.8 liter capacity and 1000 watt heating element (1200 watt version is available too). It’s one of the more affordable electric kettles with temperature control so is it any good? Performance Jocuu LPS-1995 heats up water reasonably fast, about as fast as most other electric kettles and

Dash 2.6-Quart Air Fryer Review

Dash DCAF200GB is an air fryer with 2.6-quart basket. Basket size is adequate to cook for 1 person or smaller servings for 2. Cooking Dash DCAF200GB cooks reasonably well but not as well as higher-end air fryers. Food comes out tasting good most of the time however it’s not as crispy or quite as tasty as

Hamilton Beach 6-Speed 3.5-Quart Electric Stand Mixer Review

Hamilton Beach 63325 is electric stand mixer equipped with 300 watt motor, 3.5-quart mixing bowl and 6-speed settings. It’s one of the more affordable stand mixers so is it any good? Performance Hamilton Beach 63325 stand mixer handles most jobs reasonably well but there are some caveats. Hamilton Beach 63325 is more of a lighter duty

OXO Brew Adjustable Temperature Electric Kettle Review

Oxo Brew 8716900 is electric kettle with 1.75 liter capacity and adjustable temperature feature. Performance Oxo Brew 8716900 heats up water pretty fast but so do competitor models, there isn’t much difference between them so this won’t be the deciding factor when it comes to choosing one over another. What makes Oxo Brew 871690 stand out

CHEFMAN 2QT Compact Air Fryer Review

CHEFMAN RJ38-2LM is a compact air fryer with 2-quart capacity than can cook in temperatures ranging from 200°F to 400°F. The 2-quart capacity means you won’t be able to cook large meals with it but it’s large enough to cook for 1 person or smaller servings for 2. Cooking CHEFMAN RJ38-2LM cooks just fine. Meat is

AHC Essential Real Eye Cream For Face Review

AHC Essential Real Eye Cream For Face has anti-aging properties that can help reduce visible fine lines and make skin look more youthful but how well does it work? Effectiveness AHC Essential Real Eye Cream For Face is a very good moisturizer. It leaves you skin moisturized for all day and leaves it soft however when

KUPPET 4.7QT 8-Speed Stand Mixer Review

KUPPET 4.7QT stand mixer is equipped with 380 watt motor. It’s one of the cheapest stand mixers you can buy but is it any good? Performance KUPPET 4.7QT stand mixer does actually work which is a good start for such an inexpensive appliance however it becomes apparent very fast that this isn’t a great stand

Fellow Corvo EKG Electric Kettle Review

Fellow Corvo EKG is an electric kettle that holds up to 0.9 liters – less than most other models. Why then is it more expensive and is it worth the money? Let’s find out! Performance Fellow Corvo EKG has 1200 watt hearing element that heats up water fast however that’s also partially because it holds

Uten 5.8QT 1700W XL Air Fryer Review

Uten 5.8QT 1700W XL Air Fryer can cook in temperatures ranging from 175°F to 400°F. It’s one of the more cheaper and basic air fryers so should you even buy it? Cooking Food comes out flavorful and crispy without being greasy so you can say that Uten 5.8QT air fryer does cook well. Works great for