Ovente Portable 5-Speed Electric Hand Mixer Review (HM151B/HM151W/HM151T/HM151R)

Ovente HM151B (also sold as HM151W, HM151T or HM151R depending on color) is an electric hand mixer with 150 watt motor and 5 speed settings.


Ovente HM151B has good power for the money. It’s a pretty inexpensive model though so it’s certainly not the most powerful hand mixer out there but it mixes just fine.

The biggest issue are probably the speeds. The difference between them all is quite small and even slowest one is too fast to prevent splattering.


Ovente HM151B hand mixer comes with two beaters and snap-on case. The beaters are a bit short which can make mixing less convenient especially if you deep bowls. Another issue that few consumers reported was beaters rusting after some use but this isn’t experienced by most.


Ovente HM151B hand mixer is a cheap hand mixer price wise so the quality isn’t high. It’s mostly made of cheap plastic that doesn’t feel particularly sturdy but neither is it so fragile you would have to worry about it if you use this hand mixer with care.


Ovente portable 5-Speed electric hand mixer is available in 4 colors:

  • Black (Ovente HM151B)
  • White (Ovente HM151W)
  • Turquoise (Ovente HM151T)
  • Red (Ovente HM151R)


Ovente HM151B is a cheap hand mixer so there are a lot of short comings. It’s not a great hand mixer but its flaws might be acceptable considering the low price.

Ovente HM151B Portable 5-Speed Electric Hand Mixer Specifications:

  • Voltage: 120V
  • Power: 150W
  • Colors: 4
    • Black: Ovente HM151B
    • White: Ovente HM151W
    • Turquoise: Ovente HM151T
    • Red: Ovente HM151R

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