Northair HZB-22BF 2 in 1 Ice Maker Review

Northair HZB-22BF 2 in 1 ice maker is not only able to produce bullet shaped ice cubes but also works as water dispenser. You can install 5 gallon water jug or any water jug with standard size neck in fact.

Ice production

Northair HZB-22BF 2 in 1 ice maker can produce up to 40 pounds of ice cubes in a day – more than most countertop ice makers which usually produce only up to 26 lbs. Yes, Northair HZB-22BF does make ice pretty quick and can make ice cubes in 3 different sizes.

It makes 12 bullet shaped ice cubes per batch and each batch takes around 9 minutes to make however it can take longer if air or water is warm.

Ice is soft and chewable but it melts a bit fast if left inside the ice machine as ice drawer isn’t refrigerated. Melted water will be reused for ice making process.

Ice tray is removable but is badly designed as it often gets stuck when you try to take it out or put back in. If it gets stuck you have to apply bit of force to get it out and once you get it out all of a sudden you can drop the ice cubes because how fast you pull it due to force applied.

Water dispensing

Water dispensing is pretty simple to use as expected. You just hold the button until there is as much water in your glass as you want.

One major issue is that initially there is this disgusting plastic taste to the water and it’s hard to get rid of. Not only you likely will have to run gallons of water through the system but also vinegar and perhaps some food grade cleaners to get rid of it. It’s a hassle but most of the time does the job, however few have complained that even with that they didn’t get rid of plastic taste completely.

In some cases ice cubes can taste bad too before you have cleaned machine properly.

Control panel

Control panel consists of 1 toggle switch, 3 buttons and 6 indicators lights. Toggle switch is for popping up water faucet. Buttons are for turning the unit on/off, selecting ice cube size and dispensing water. Three of the indicator lights are for showing which ice cube size setting you have chosen and the other three are for indicating that the unit is turned on, warning if ice tray is full and if you need to add more water.

Common issues

Excluding the plastic taste issue there is another thing that many consumers have complained about – leaking. Not everyone but still concerning amount of consumers have complained about Northair 2 in 1 ice maker either leaking straight from factory or after few months of use.


Northair HZB-22BF 2 in 1 ice maker uses R134a refrigerant and C5H10 foaming. Housing is made of Stainless steel with some ABS plastic parts.

It has drain hole on a side making it easy to drain. Ice tray will hold up to 4.85 pounds of ice cubes which is a lot more than most countertop ice makers.

Northair HZB-22BF measures 14 inches long, 16.6 inches wide and 17.8 inches high.


When it works like it’s supposed to it’s a pretty good ice maker/water dispenser however with some design flaws and other common issues it can turn out pretty much unusable if you are unlucky. If you are looking for a good ice maker machine you might also want to read our Best Portable/Countertop Ice Makers article.

Northair HZB-22BF 2 in 1 Ice Maker/Water Dispenser Specs/Details:

  • Voltage: 115v/60Hz
  • Power:150W
  • Ice making:
    • Ice output: up to 26 lbs per 24 hours
    • Ice cubes per batch: 12
    • Ice cube shape: bullet
    • Ice cube size options: 3
    • Ice storage capacity: 4.85 lbs / 2.2 kg
  • Material: Stainless Steel + ABS
  • Dimensions: 14″ x 16.6″ x 17.8″ (L x D x H)
  • Refrigerant: R134a
  • Foaming: C5H10
  • Package contents:
    • 1 x Northair 2 in 1 water dispenser/ice maker
    • 1 x Ice scoop
    • 1 x Manual


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