Best NewAir Wine Coolers (2023 Review)

NewAir makes many different models of wine coolers which can make it a bit hard to recognize which one is the best for you. In this article you will find which NewAir wine coolers are the best, whether they meet your needs and how good or bad they really are.

#1 NewAir AWR-290DB

NewAir AWR-290DB is a dual zone wine cooler with selectable temperature range of 40°F to 50°F in upper zone and 50°F to 66°F in lower zone. It has 3.2 cubic foot storage capacity and NewAir claims AWR-290DB can hold 29 bottles of wine which it’s true as long as they aren’t unusually large or of weird shapes.

NewAir AWR-290DB seems to hold temperature well however few consumers have reported temperature fluctuations.

Control panel

Control panel features two LCD displays (one for each temperature zone) and 6 buttons. Each temperature zone has its separate buttons for temperature adjustment. Remaining two buttons are for switching between temperature scales and switching interior light on or off.


Most consumers are satisfied with their NewAir AWR-290DB wine cooler however some have reported theirs failing after less than 1 year of use.


NewAir AWR-290DB wine cooler has front vent which means it can be used for built-in purposes. It also has lockable door so your kids won’t be able to enjoy your wine without your permission. Triple-tempered glass door blocks UV rays which can deteriorate condition of wine.

Shelves are made of beech wood. They do feel a bit flimsy yet seem to be strong enough for the task of holding your bottles safely.

NewAir AWR-290DB wine cooler is ETL, CEC and DOE certified.

Weight and size

NewAir AWR-290DB wine cooler weighs 79 lbs and measures 14.8” wide by 22.6” deep (24.25’’ including the handle) by 33.9” high.


NewAir AWR-290DB wine cooler leaves good impressions, however the amount of complaints about reliability is a bit concerning. As long as it works like it’s supposed to it’s the best wine cooler from NewAir, but if you are worried about reliability then perhaps you should also consider wine coolers from other companies like Kalamera, Antarctic Star, BODEGA, Colzer or Phiestina.

#2 NewAir AWR-460DB

NewAir AWR-460DB seems to be essentially a larger version of AWR-290DB. NewAir AWR-460DB is a compressor cooled wine cooler that uses R600a refrigerant with has claimed 46 bottle capacity. It’s unlikely it will actually hold 46 wine bottles but you should be able to fit at least 30 inside.

NewAir AWR-460DB keeps your wine cool but temporary temperature fluctuations are possible. Temperature in upper zone can be set anywhere from 40°F to 50°F and in lower zone 50°F to 66°F. It can be loud at times.

Control panel

NewAir AWR-460DB is equipped with LCD Display and 6 buttons:

  • Upper Temperature Zone
    • “Up” button: Increases temperature in upper zone by 1 degree.
    • “Down” button: Decreases temperature in upper zone by 1 degree.
  • Bottom Temperature Zone
    • “Up” button: Increases temperature in lower zone by 1 degree.
    • “Down” button: Decreases temperature in lower zone by 1 degree.
  • “°C/°F” button: Switches between temperature scales (Celsius or Fahrneheit)
  • “Lighting” button: Turns chamber light on or off.


Just like AWR-290DB the AWR-460DB also has some complaints about reliability. Most consumer feedback is positive yet amount of negative one is slightly concerning.


Shelves are made of beech wood but feel a bit flimsy. NewAir AWR-460DB has front venting which allows it to be built-in but you can also leave it freestanding if you want to.

Size and weight

NewAir AWR-460DB weighs 104 pounds and measures 23.5” wide by 22.5” deep (24” including handle) by 33” high.


NewAir AWR-460DB is very similar to AWR-290DB with the main difference being that former is larger than the latter which also means AWR-460DB is usually sold at higher price.

#3 NewAir AWC-270E

NewAir AWC-270E is a wine cooler with 3.1 cubic foot capacity which is enough to hold up to 27 bottles of wine. How many you actually will be able to fit depends on the size and shape of bottles. To actually get 27 inside they all have to be standard sized Bordeaux bottles.

Temperature control seems to be accurate and consistent most of the time but temperature can vary by few degrees sometimes. Temperature can be adjusted from 39°F to 64°F.

It only makes noise when compressor kicks in and even then it’s not too loud.

Control panel

Controls are very basic. There is just an LCD display that shows selected temperature and 3 buttons: two for adjusting temperature and another one for interior light.

What is kinda neat is that control panel is located on the outside of the wine cooler instead of inside which is the case with most units. This means you can adjust temperature and turn interior light on/off without having to open the door and letting warm air inside.


NewAir AWC-270E has insulated UV protected glass door can be locked.


This seems to be a common theme. NewAir wine cooler seem to have more reliability complaints than models from other manufacturers. Even though most consumer feedback is positive it’s still not good that there are relatively more complaints than you would expect.


NewAir AWC-270E is not as advanced as the two models above it but it’s still a decent option if you want something relatively inexpensive.

#4 NewAir NWC016SS00

NewAir NWC016SS00 is a wine cooler with 16 bottle capacity. Realistically you won’t be able to fit exactly 16 inside but you can get close to it (depending on the size and shape of bottles).

Temperature control seems to be accurate however NewAir NWC016SS00 is a bit noisy. You can set temperature inside the wine cooler anywhere from 41°F to 64°F.


Control panel of NewAir NWC016SS00 features LCD display that shows selected temperature and 4 buttons:

  • “Bulb” button: Press to turn interior light on or off.
  • “°C/°F” button: Press to switch between temperature scales (Celsius or Fahrenheit).
  • “Up” button: Press to increase temperature inside the wine cooler by 1 degree.
  • “Down” button: Press to decrease temperature inside the wine cooler by 1 degree.


NewAir NWC016SS00 wine cooler has double pane insulated glass door that blocks UV rays.


Weighs 37 pounds kilograms (16.8) and measures 16.93 inches wide by 18.9 inches deep by 20.28 inches high.


NewAir NWC016SS00 is the smallest wine cooler in this list. If the other three are a bit too large for you then this one might be what you are looking for.

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