Mueller CG900-BLACK Ultra-Grind Conical Burr Grinder Review

Mueller CG900-BLACK is a popular and relatively inexpensive conical burr grinder. It’s equipped with 150 watt motor and has coffee bean bin that holds 240 grams of beans as well ground container with 130 gram capacity.


Grind is pretty uniform at finer settings but as you go coarser it starts to become less consistent. It’s still good enough that you can’t really complain considering the low price. It still works reasonably well for French press or pour over.

It also cannot grind extra fine on finest setting which is normal for burr grinders at this price point so it’s not perfect for espresso or Turkish coffee but you still might be able to get decent flavor. However if you drink either or both of those exclusively then you should look for something that can grind finer.

Mueller CG900-BLACK might require constant cleaning as it might clog often depending on beans you use which is an issue some consumers have experienced.


All burr grinders are somewhat loud, with that being said Mueller CG900-BLACK is quieter than usual at this price point.


Controls are simple and intuitive. You get two buttons for adjusting amount to be grinded, cone-shaped grinding wheel that adjusts coarseness by rotating and power button to start grinding.

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Being a budget priced grinder Mueller CG900-BLACK won’t have the quality of high-end units however it feels reasonably well made. Even though it’s mostly made of plastic it’s not the cheapest type.


You can grind directly into espresso portafilter.


Some consumers have complained about reliability so it might be a potential issue even though most are satisfied with their Mueller CG900-BLACK.


Grounds do stick in some places so Mueller CG900-BLACK makes a bit of mess.


Mueller CG900-BLACK is a decent budget priced burr grinder but it can’t compete with more expensive burr grinders. Some consumers have complained about it clogging up constantly or breaking all together so be aware that some issues are a possibility but it seems that they aren’t too common.

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