Megamaster 1-Burner Tabletop Propane Gas Grill Review

Megamaster 820-0065C is 1-burner tabletop propane gas grill with 360 square inch cooking area and 11.000 BTU input.

Grilling with Megamaster 820-0065C 1-Burner Tabletop Propane Gas Grill

Megamaster tabletop gas grill has a larger cooking area than most portable grills. While most portable grills are designed to cook for 1-2 persons with this one you can cook for at least 4.

Gets hot fairly quickly and maintains temperature quite well. It does take a bit longer to cook than on a high-end stationary grill but the end results are satisfactory enough. It would be nice if it could get a bit hotter but it’s mostly fine as it’s. Heat distribution isn’t perfectly even but you can work around it and still have delicious results.

Megamaster 1-burner tabletop propane gas grill is equipped with Piezo Ignition System which works flawlessly and temperature gauge which doesn’t seem to be very accurate.


Megamaster 820-0065C tabletop grill measures 18.11 inches wide, 23.22 inches deep and 8.58 inches in height. It’s larger and therefore a bit less portable than most countertop grills but that’s the tradeoff you have to make for more cooking space. The handles are a bit bulky too.


Megamaster tabletop gas grill does require assembly. It’s fairly simple and instructions are detailed enough however the process is a lot more extensive (time consuming) than you might expect for such a (relatively) small grill.


Megamaster 820-0065C tabletop grill features porcelain enamel firebox, lockable lid and foldable legs.

Possible issues

Some consumers have had issues with low flame and grill not getting enough as a consequence.


Megamaster 820-0065C offers a lot of cooking capacity in a portable package with affordable price tag. Despite being fairly decent unit it’s definitely not perfect – assembling it takes a lot of time, the heat might be more even and cooking surface could get hotter (some consumers particularly had issue with the last thing). Despite everything the results from grilling should be quite decent unless you get defective unit. Should you but this model? It’s not great enough to get a recommendation but it’s also not bad enough for us to say to stay away from it. It offers a lot for its price but it’s your decision to make if the downsides are worth it.

Megamaster 820-0065C 1-Burner Tabletop Propane Gas Grill Specifications:

  • Cooking area: 360 square inches
  • BTU input: 11,000/hr
  • Burner: 409 Stainless Steel Burner
  • Cooking surface: Black PE Steel Wire
  • Fuel type: LP
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 18.11’’ x 23.22’’ x 8.58’’ inches
  • MODEL #: 820-0065C

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